SanDisk announces 2GB Memory Stick Pro

SanDisk announces 2GB Memory Stick Pro

SanDisk plans to begin selling a Memory Stick Pro media card with a 2GB capacity from February this year, the company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The card is the highest capacity Memory Stick Pro yet shown and doubles the maximum storage space offered by the format. The 2GB card is expected to cost about $US1000 when it goes on sale, SanDisk said.

CES also saw the company unveil the first Memory Stick Pro Duo cards that it developed in-house. Memory Stick Pro Duo is a physically shorter version of the full Memory Stick Pro card and aimed at use in devices where there might not be enough room to accommodate a full-size card.

SanDisk said its 256MB and 512MBte Memory Stick Pro Duo cards should be on sale during the first quarter at $US105 and $US225 respectively.

Memory Stick Pro was first announced at CES last year and extends the capacity of Sony's original Memory Stick format beyond 128MB although it is only compatible with certain products.

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