Hitting The Market, New products

Hitting The Market, New products

Goldmine turns up the iHeat

GoldMine Software last month released its new iHEAT Web-enabling software allowing users to access its HEAT helpdesk software from any desktop with network connectivity and a Web browser.

Developed under an OEM licensing agreement with GraphOn Corporation, iHEAT uses GraphOn's Bridges software to provide the same look and feel as HEAT without adding software to desktop PCs.iHEAT also allows help desk managers to open and close call tickets from home; allows analysts and technicians to access HEAT from any company location with a network connection and provides access to service technicians anywhere - on the road or at home.iHeat is currently available and retails for $750 per seat for new users.

Contact Goldmine for details of special offers available to current users and partnership information.

Goldmine: (02) 8347 3300www.goldmine.comLuraTech releases LauraWave onlineGerman-based LuraTech has released free software called LuraWave SmartCompress Lite as part of an ongoing campaign to educate and drive the adoption of wavelet-based image compression and the emerging JPEG2000 standard.

The LuraWave is based upon wavelet compression technology similar to the JPEG2000 image standard.

LuraWave SmartCompress Lite is free for non-commercial use and may be upgraded to a Professional version with added password protection and area-of-interest compression features at a cost of $32.

In contrast to previous releases, LuraWave SmartCompress Lite and Professional have no restrictions on importable file sizes. LuraWave SmartCompress Freeware is only available at ftp://luratech.contrib. net/pub/products/lwsmartwin.exeSun-Netscape targets digital marketplacesSun-Netscape alliance has the new iPlanet E-Commerce Solution promoted as the cornerstone of its solution for open digital marketplaces.

According to Sun Microsystems this platform will help enable leading enterprises, service providers and dot-com startups to create and operate the next generation of digital marketplaces.iPlanet offers a fully functional Java technology-based iPlanet Market Maker platform with an integrated suite of out-of-the-box B2B modules.iPlanet also offers market makers a choice of transaction types from static pricing to dynamic pricing and the ability to choose or combine these as desired to better meet the needs of their market.

Sun Netscape Alliance: (02) 9466 1440www.iplanet.comFAST animations blaze past on the NetMelbourne-based Internet technologies incubator Blaze International is forecasting the release of its Famous Streaming (FAST) software that provides digitally animated images of famous faces, unknowns or even fantasy figures to greet and accompany Web surfers as they navigate their way around the Net.

The software is based on FAMOUSFaces animation software which Blaze created for professional animation studios. Company sources are promoting the new software as faster and more realistic than any similar product currently available. The FAST figures are fully interactive and will allow Web developers to use the software to add that all-important personal dimension to their site.

Blaze International: (03) 9826

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