Data Addiction helps Tipple with demand spike

Data Addiction helps Tipple with demand spike

Utilises Azure services and Power BI

Ryan Barrington (Tipple)

Ryan Barrington (Tipple)

Credit: Tipple

Microsoft partner Data Addiction has assisted alcohol delivery service Tipple with an analytics overhaul that has significantly capitalised on a recent spike in demand.

The data and artificial intelligence (AI) managed service provider (MSP) started the project in January 2019, using Azure services and Power BI to increase Tipple's data analysis capabilities. 

According to the Tipple, the deployment has helped it manage its workload by servicing twice the number of orders during the demand surge provoked by bars and restaurants closing across Australia.

“It's hard for the first couple of months until you make that transition and you switch from your old ways to the new. But now it's helped us accelerate so much further,"  CEO Ryan Barrington said.

The integration of Power BI into Tipple’s front end in particular has allowed the delivery service to analyse delivery data and customer telemetry to give the business access to metrics like customer site visitation length, choice selection and tracking basket abandons.

Ben Johnson, managing director of Data Addiction, said Tipple will now have a more rounded understanding of its customers as the Azure stack and Databricks are used to analyse the data.

“We map users and their journey from a telemetry perspective so that we can see someone who's been interacting with the business over a couple of months, and when they finally convert, we can kind of then draw that thread across to build a single view of the customer,” he said.

The new process came in to replace queried Excel spreadsheets, which was previously a double-edged sword for Barrington.

“I used to export all my point of sale into Excel. So, everything was Excel for me previously. I love getting in Excel and just breaking things apart,” he said.

“When we first started, we already had a couple of developments on. So, I used to get my full stack dev to actually write the SQL query of whatever data I wanted, and then I just started learning all the concepts of how he was doing the queries."

Because of his absorption into the spreadsheets, Barrington added that prior to the project, he saw himself as a bottleneck for the business, as "no one understood anything unless they came to me”.

Tipple is also planning to collaborate with convenience chain 7-Eleven, which took a majority stake in the delivery service back in 2018, for an online order and delivery service.

Article amended at 10:36AM to clarify that Tipple was able to manage a doubling of their order volumes with the combination of the analytics overhaul and increased demand and not triple their gross profits, as previously stated.

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