Versent shifts Vix to AWS cloud and Snowflake

Versent shifts Vix to AWS cloud and Snowflake

Provides near real-time passenger data and transport analysis

Credit: Vix Technology

Versent has landed a project with WA-based transit ticketing system provider Vix Technology, moving them into the AWS cloud and providing a data reporting solution on the Snowflake platform.

With the new infrastructure in place, Vix customers can now query near real-time data and identify patterns, trends and anomalies. 

For example, transport ticketing providers can look at passenger movement data and overlay information that may impact use, such as major sporting events, weather patterns and public holidays, and make informed decisions around the frequency and timing of transport options. 

“As Vix develops more insights into those data patterns, the infrastructure can be extended to more advanced use cases using predictive or machine learning techniques,” said Versent technical director for data David Hanus. 

Vix CTO Sean Langton said it can now give its customers insights through data visualisations, which it hasn’t been able to do before. 

“This sets us apart in the market and means we can have more insightful conversations with new and existing customers, and really understand their needs and spot opportunities,” Langton said. 

“This has really resonated with our customers, and generated a lot of interest within weeks of launching the new solution. And this is just the beginning - this platform lays the foundations for richer, more powerful, data driven applications and using machine learning to create intelligent systems.”

About six months ago, Vix launched a request for tender, searching for a partner to help them embark on their cloud journey. 

Vix has been designing, delivering, operating and maintaining transit ticketing systems globally for the past 30 years, with customers across the UK, US and Norway.

The ticketing company was searching for a solution to support customers with passenger data capture and analysis, and was previously facing challenges by working with monolithic, transactional databases with no capacity to perform in-depth analyses.  

At the same time, it relied on technologies that produced daily PDF reports and CSV extracts which made it difficult and time-consuming to perform further analysis to extract valuable data insights.

In addition, Vix wanted to leverage serverless technologies to provide scalability and minimise static and operational costs, while at the same time deploy a multi-tenant data warehouse model that took into account regional data protection laws.

The ticketing company previously maintained a majority of its IT infrastructure on-premises based on a traditional Oracle stack.

Hanus said it initially responded to Vix’s cloud migration tender and also provided a supplementary response to the data reporting tender, defining a solution approach that would integrate both programs of work featuring AWS cloud products, Snowflake and Amazon QuickSight business intelligence. 

“Their previous architecture wasn’t easy to deploy across their client accounts, and it wasn’t cloud based, where you needed to procure servers, licenses and a whole of things to get it to start delivering one report,” he said. 

“The type of solution we helped them develop heavily leveraged a lot of native AWS cloud capabilities and also serverless technologies and components, so Vix didn’t have to incur high-set costs to deploy versions of this infrastructure to each client.”

Vix also wanted to provide an automated approach, standing up new capabilities for each of their clients without long lead times and configuration activity on the client side.   

Snowflake APJ vice president Peter O’Connor added its cloud data platform, in tandem with Versent’s data engineering and AWS, were proving to be a powerful combination in the A/NZ market.

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