Aventail hints at second tier

Aventail hints at second tier

Aventail is looking to alter the shape of its Australian channel with the release of its new smart secure socket layer (SSL) virtual private network (VPN) product.

Since 1997 the vendor has been exclusively represented in the country by systems integrator, Kanbay. But Aventail vice-president Asia-Pacific, Michael Ang, said a desire to grow its market share could see this distribution structure change.

"If there is a distributor strong enough, and who expresses a keen interest in expanding our market share in a way that will hopefully complement Kanbay, we will move towards two-tier distribution," he said.

For its part, Kanbay was viewing the declaration of intention as a positive which would help to grow awareness of the product and brand, its country manager, Adam Davenport, said.

"With the right distributor you can also solve issues like currency fluctuations, stocking levels and you can get help in positioning the brand in a way that's beneficial," he said.

"We are happy to be Aventail's chosen partner but are philosophical that when they identify complementary methods of taking the product to market we'll work with them to make sure that's successful too.

"We have been working closely with Aventail to help them understand the players in the market from our perspective, so we get complementary rather than overlapping coverage."

Davenport said the falling price of broadband access was driving the demand for accessibility and providing opportunities to sell products such as the SSL tool.

"We're finding all of a sudden people out in the market place are experiencing such a strong level of access to their home devices that they are getting in touch with their network administrators at work and asking why they can't get the same," he said.

Ang agreed and said the tremendous growth in the use of SSL had also been accelerated by the penetration of smart handheld devices, the increasing prevalence of VoIP and a trend towards inverted networks - which had benefitted mobile applications.

However, with ease of use being the focus of the latest SSL product release, Davenport conceded Kanbay could be in for some extra competition.

"A lot of what has been introduced is a good selling point, though it does take away a bit of our differentiator by making it easier for partners who lack our expertise," he said.

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