Samsung offers upgraded monitor warranties

Samsung offers upgraded monitor warranties

Samsung Electronics has introduced an upgraded warranty policy for its SyncMaster LCD and CRT range of monitors.

Under the new swap service warranty policy, resellers will now have a replacement brought to them rather than having to freight in a refurbished model. According to Samsung distributor Westan, the change will be a major value-add for the company's reseller base.

"Many vendors have warranty policies which are time consuming as monitors need to be picked up and taken away to be repaired rather than replaced. Then they have to be freighted back to the reseller," the distributor's Samsung product manager, Diana Elliot, said. "The swap service will cut the time it takes for resellers to service the customer."

Where possible, metropolitan resellers will have a qualified technician replace faulty monitors with a current model in one business day, she said. The news was also positive for the distributor.

"We are hoping this increases our Samsung business and boosts our share in this market because the announcement brings peace of mind for the end-user," Elliot said. "The benefit of this new policy will reach across the whole market."

Managing director of Samsung reseller Plus Corporation, Nigel Fernandes, said the new policy looked good on paper as long as it did not affect other policies. As previously reported in ARN, his business suffered a 100 per cent failure rate on one shipment of Samsung's 172x monitors.

"Samsung has a seven-day dead pixel replacement policy on their 17-inch LCDs: whether they have announced this policy with the idea of getting rid of that I don't know," Fernandes said.

"On the surface the new policy looks good, but if they have changed the dead pixel policy, then resellers are no better off than before."

Samsung's marketing manager for monitors, Joe Serra, said the vendor had no intention of dropping its dead pixel policy.

Westan national marketing director, Philip Jackson, said speed of vendor reaction when something did go wrong was important for the channel.

"One of the strengths of any partner is their ability to react quickly to a problem and take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again," he said.

"All vendors have problems, but you look to work with the ones who respond quickly and precisely to the problem."

Altech sales and marketing director, Safa Joumaa, said the announcement would benefit all Samsung dealers.

"It's less work for resellers and customers will be very happy that it's a swap, so it will benefit us a hell of a lot," he said.

"Samsung has a quality product and wants to make sure it provides quality service."

Westan's Jackson said the policy could be a key differentiator for Samsung's channel partners.

"You can argue that it is part of installing a positive message in the marketplace - if you choose us as a partner we will support you," he said.

"But I think Samsung is sending a message that it is willing to get behind sensible programs to attract end-user attention."

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