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Fuji Xerox Printers receives "Good Environmental Choice" label for its latest product suite

  • 26 July, 2004 16:00

<p>For immediate release</p>
<p>Fuji Xerox Printers Makes the Industry Green With Envy</p>
<p>Receives “Good Environmental Choice” label for its latest product suite</p>
<p>SYDNEY - 26 July 2004 - Fuji Xerox Printers, the leading provider of quality print solutions, today announced that the majority of its printer range has now been awarded the “Good Environmental Choice” certification from the Australian Environmental Labelling Association (AELA). Fuji Xerox printers are the only printers in Australia to carry the prestigious accreditation.</p>
<p>“Fuji Xerox Printers’ product range stands in a class of its own for technological and design innovation with environmental considerations in mind, and is an intelligent choice for companies looking to fulfil their green procurement objectives,” said Petar Johnson, President of AELA. “We are inspired to see an impressive global brand name take the environment on board as part of its ongoing business requirements and are witnessing the trend which they are leading.”</p>
<p>The printers were awarded the accreditation predominantly for:</p>
<p>- Implementation of unique solid ink technology that rids the environment of traditional liquid ink cartridges</p>
<p>- Energy efficiency and low environmental impact</p>
<p>- Compact size and weight</p>
<p>- Ability to offer quality printing on recycled paper without concerns for printer malfunctions, warranty issues or extra service as experienced with some other brand printers</p>
<p>- Good performance for a large number of additional relevant environmental considerations along the product life cycle such as restrictions on the type of chemical additives in plastics, low noise and low air emissions in the office environment and design for recyclability.</p>
<p>The FXP printers that will now carry the Ecolabel are the Phaser 8200, Phaser 8400, Phaser 7750, DocuPrint C2428, DocuPrint 240A, DocuPrint 340A, DocuPrint 205 and DocuPrint 305.</p>
<p>FXP takes an eco-conscious approach to many aspects of its business. These initiatives include:</p>
<p>- Certification as ISO 14001 compliant for an environmental management system, meaning all of FXP Asia Pacific fully complies with relevant environmental legislation</p>
<p>- “Eco Mark” certification for all new printers that use the lowest power consumption in their class</p>
<p>- Involvement in broader community-based environmental activities. For example FXP staff planted 500 native trees for World Environment Day in May 2004</p>
<p>- Dedicated regional environmental manager who is committed to setting targets and driving environmental policies.</p>
<p>Peter Diprose, Regional Environmental Manager, Fuji Xerox Printers said, “We are constantly striving to achieve an eco-friendly approach to all aspects of our business including how we run our day-to-day operations, the way we manufacture our printers and their functionality. Achieving the Ecolabel for our printers and being recognised as an environmentally progressive manufacturer by the AELA is a huge boon for our environmental endeavours.”</p>
<p>About Australian Environmental Labelling Association
The Australian Environmental Labelling Association Inc is a non-profit organisation dedicated to servicing the Australian market with an independent credible environmental labelling system to international best practice standards.</p>
<p>Its mission is to contribute to the growth of the environmental consumer market in Australia and add commercial value to companies and businesses that are preferable on environmental grounds. It continues to establish co-operative partnerships with research institutions, industry stakeholders and community groups to deliver its ecolabelling program and its related fields of design for environment, sustainable consumption and life cycle analysis.</p>
<p>The Australian Environmental Labelling Association is committed to contributing to the sustainability goals of industry with a reputable and rigorous scientific approach and engage professionals in its delivery of environmental solutions to the market. The full environmental requirements for the printers are available at</p>
<p>About Fuji Xerox Printers, Australia
With its Australian and New Zealand headquarters in Sydney, Fuji Xerox Printers is a world leader in printing solutions. Emerging with a new lease of life from the merger of Xerox ONP systems with Tektronix, some 4 years ago, Fuji Xerox Printers continues to build on Tektronix' 15 years of market-leading research and development combined with the Xerox know how and respected quality.</p>
<p>Fuji Xerox Printers offer a complete range of colour and black and white printers. Working through an extensive reseller channel the company offers a comprehensive range of printing solutions across the market for work-groups, departmental solutions, individuals applications and even home office use. With their award-winning speed, quality, unmatched reliability and usability, Fuji Xerox printers are setting NEW performance standards for printing solutions in three key markets: Office (including work group &amp; departmental requirements), graphic arts (from desk top to pre-press proofing) and on-demand printing.</p>
<p>For information on Fuji Xerox Printers, Australia, simply call 1300 7XEROX or visit</p>
<p>Or for more information please contact:
Ms Billy Cina
Fuji Xerox Printers, Australia
Tel: 02 9452 7016</p>
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Max Australia
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