Sing along now, "Love is in the air, everywhere I look around." Or at least that's what the practical jokers in Express Data's warehouse had in mind when they set upon innocent colleague Karl Basa with a dastardly plan of public humiliation.

According to Tabloid sources deep inside the warehouse, Karl has a reputation of "introducing himself" to new colleagues of the female variety - so much so that one enterprising practical joker contacted Channel 10's new cracker (read appallingly cheesy) dating program Love Rules.

The result was aired on the show on Tuesday night, with the TV crew surprising Karl with a visit during a staged company meeting and who should pop out of a large wheelie bin but "Bernadette", his blind date for the evening!"The poor bugger didn't know what had hit him," chortled Tabloid's spy.

The two would-be Express Lovers took off for an evening of wining and dining in Bondi, accompanied, of course, by those nosey Love Rules paparazzi types.

Our spy reported that Karl said he had a "good night" with his date, who was "quite nice". ED's gossip trail naturally kicked into overdrive as wild rumours circulated of impending nuptials. But alas, it was all for naught. The two are reportedly just "good friends" who intend to "stay in touch".

But never fear! Tabloid knows there are plenty more mermaids in the channel. If you are one such mermaid, just call ED's switchboard on (02) 8336 5100, and in your best sultry voice, ask for "Bachelor Karl in the warehouse" - they'll know what you mean.

If this stunning picture above right fails to convince you, just take a look at the wrap Karl received from the prankster colleague who e-mailed Love Rules seeking an appearance for his lonely colleague.

"Karl is 29 years old. He is a Virgo with hazel eyes and brown hair. He is slim and approx 5'7 tall. Karl is a non-smoker, has never married and has no children. His loves are R&B music, dancing, clubbing and meeting new people. He would absolutely love to meet the woman of his dreams and settle down and enjoy life.

The right lady for Karl would be someone who was very honest and easy-going, someone who would live life to the fullest, like himself. She would be assured of being treated like a lady, as Karl has lots of love and affection to give."So, call Karl now. Lines are open and operators standing by. Unconfirmed sources at ED report that callers who successfully obtain a date with Karl will receive complimentary roses from the warehouse Romeo.

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