PC Briefs: EMC, IBM, Expo Tech

PC Briefs: EMC, IBM, Expo Tech

EMC’s low-end storage

EMC has enhanced its low-end CX200 storage system, adding a model with a single controller, Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) drives and a 60 per cent boost in performance. Existing CX200 drives now support high-performance Fibre Channel drives and ATA drives in one box. The Fibre Channel drives can be used for transactional and file-based data and the ATA for disk-backup applications. Customers can migrate from one type of storage to another without taking the system down. The CX200 now supports up to 6 terabytes (TB) of data. The company also rolled out user-executable upgrades for Clariion software applications that don’t require the customer to take the system down. A 108GB Clariion CX200 is available for about $US10,000.

IBM hyperthreading for PCs

IBM has announced the first models of a new PC line called ThinkCentre. The company said the systems include easy-to-remove components, tools for automating procedures like data backup, and support for the new hyperthreading capabilities in Intel’s Pentium 4 chips. Big Blue has also boosted its Unix server system line with the eServer pSerie sp615. It will let users hot swap PCI peripherals and turn off damaged or malfunctioning PCI slots without stopping the system.The p615 will also boast “chipkill memory,” a technique that greatly reduces the effect of errors by flushing the system’s memory in the event of a memory error.

Expo Tech is on the road

Tech Pac has hit the road with its annual Expo Tech roadshow. The trade show and seminar event has rolled through Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart, where 160 resellers turned out for the trade show and technology trend seminars. More than 20 vendors are on the road with Tech Pac, including Epson, Phillips and Microsoft. The next event will be at the Sydney Convention Centre on June 18.

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