Cyber Distribution hits the market with Living Security deal

Cyber Distribution hits the market with Living Security deal

Taps into escape room cyber security training

Mark Winter - CEO, inTechnology Distribution

Mark Winter - CEO, inTechnology Distribution

Credit: inTechnology

InTechnology’s Mark Winter is the force behind a new cyber security distributor in the Australian market, called Cyber Distribution.

In tandem with launching the business, Winter scored a distribution agreement with US-based start-up Living Security, which offers immersive cyber security training through an ‘escape room’ experience and gamified learning.

“We’re going to focus on working with more vendors in the cyber security space, it’s an area that’s growing,” Winter said. “First off, we’ll be running Living Security’s cyber escape room product and it’s services.” 

Winter said many partners selling cyber security in the market, have the potential to also offer cyber training, but don’t have the capacity to take it on themselves. 

“We’re looking at growing the channel business," he said.

Winter explained the product can be sold in two ways, with the partner purchasing and conducting the training for the customer, or alternatively, the customer can buy the kit, and the partner will do the initial training for the client, and then the client can host their own training internally.

“They can sell the cyber escape room as a standalone solution or as part of a program that they may deliver into a customer, with good services revenue and licensing opportunities,” he said. 

Partners will also have access to a full program offering support, training, marketing, metrics, and a scalable personalisation factor. 

Co-founder and chief strategy officer of Living Security, Drew Rose, said teaming up with Cyber Distribution, was part of the company’s international expansion plan. 

Rose was recently in town to discuss Living Security’s cyber security immersive training approach, which he developed along with his wife, who is also the CEO,  Ashley Rose.

“We developed a security awareness training product for organisations of all sizes that uses an escape room to help to train general end users on good cyber habits and secure hygiene - protecting passwords, spotting phishing emails and so on,” Rose explained. 

“Typically the security awareness field is very stale, using computer-based training videos, powerpoint presentations, things that really drive people away from a positive security culture.

“When we create any of our training, whether it’s an in-person escape room or online training content, we really look at how the end user is going to receive it. We want them to feel intrigued and involved.” 

Prior to setting up Living Security, Rose spent three years as a security manager, taking notice of the ineffective cyber security training programs within the company he worked for, American Campus Communities. 

“2016 was the first year that I built the first escape room for my company, where I got almost 90 per cent of my office (400 staff) to go through it. I had about five clients before I quit my job in October 2017 and the ball has been rolling really fast since then,”he said. 

“We have about 20 employees and we’re hiring eight more. We work with 100 of some of the biggest brands globally and we’ve hosted escape rooms in every continent except for Antarctica.” 

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