​Google Cloud axes Stackdriver brand in suite upgrade

​Google Cloud axes Stackdriver brand in suite upgrade

Now called Cloud Logging, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Trace, Cloud Debugger and Cloud Profiler

Credit: Google Cloud

Google Cloud has revamped products within its cloud management Strackdriver suite and has placed them under the rebranded perations suite.

Stackdriver’s suite of products, which was acquired by the tech giant in 2014, have been renamed Cloud Logging, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Trace, Cloud Debugger and Cloud Profiler.

Although they have been renamed, the existing functionality of the Stackdriver suite, according to Raghu Nandan, project manager director of operations management at Google Cloud, is not going away.

“Over the years, these operations products have seen a strong growth in usage by not just application developers and DevOps teams, but also IT operators and security teams, Nandan said.

“Complete integration of the products into the Cloud Console, along with in-context presence within the key service pages themselves — like the integrations into Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL, and Dataflow management consoles — brings a great experience to all users.

“Putting operations tasks a quick click away, without users losing context of the activities they had been performing, shows how seamless an operations journey can be.”

In fact, two of the products, Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring, will see new functionality added.

New features for Cloud Logging include an overhauled Logs Viewer, the ability to change how long logs are available for and the general availability of Logs Router, which can export logs from Cloud Logging to other locations. These features are available within a week’s time, in beta now and now, respectively.

Meanwhile, Cloud Monitoring has also been overhauled, increasing metric retention to 24 months and writing metrics up to 10-second granularity, and Dashboards API has been released, allowing for one dashboard to be developed and shared multiple times across workspaces and environments.

In addition, both routing alerts to independent systems with Pub/Sub support, expanding support for hundreds of projects within a workspace, with more details expected in the next few weeks.

Cloud Debugger and Cloud Profiler are available for free, while Cloud Logging, Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Trace have a free allotment per month before they start incurring costs. Cloud Logging allows for the first 50 GiB (gibibyte) to be free per project, then incurs U.S.$0.50 per GiB. 

Cloud Monitoring of data has the first 150 MiB (mebibyte) per billing account for chargeable metrics free, then incurs U.S.$0.2580 per MiB up to 100,000 MiB, then $U.S.0.1510 per MiB up to 250,000 MiB and then U.S.$0.0610 per MiB for every MiB after. 

Monitoring API calls offers the first million API calls for free per project, then charges U.S.$0.001 per 1,000 API calls.

Cloud Trace provides the first 2.5 million spans per project for free, then charges U.S.$0.20 per million spans. For trace spans scanned, the first 25 million spans per project are free and then every million spans after is priced at U.S.$0.02.

Nandan added that 2020 will see continued momentum for the operations suite.

“We’re looking forward to the road ahead as we continue to help developers and operators across the world to manage and troubleshoot issues quickly and keep their systems up and running,” he said.

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