​Amazon Connect now supporting Amazon Lex chatbots in Sydney region

​Amazon Connect now supporting Amazon Lex chatbots in Sydney region

The third region to have support for both Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex in-region

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made Amazon Lex chatbot integration available in Amazon Connect in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) AWS region.

The Amazon Lex functionality is described by Amazon as turning “your Amazon Connect contact flows into natural conversations”, allowing for a high volume of interactions to be automated without “compromising customer experience”.

Amazon Lex chatbots are able to assist users in changing passwords, bringing up requested account balances and scheduling an appointment by vocalising a prompt rather than saying a number from a list of options.

The technology also utilises the same automatic speech recognition technology and natural language understanding as Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa.

Meanwhile, Amazon Connect is a self-service cloud contact centre service which fields requests from phone calls, web, chat, emails, messaging applications, social media, texts, faxes and snail mail.

Customers will not incur extra Amazon Connect charges for using Amazon Lex chatbots, but will be billed for Amazon Lex usage at USD$0.004 per voice request and USD$0.00075 per text request.

This update follows cross-region Amazon Connect and Lex support availability in July 2018, where Sydney region users could use an Amazon Lex chatbot created in a different region.

This is the third region allowing for both Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex chatbot functionality, following US East (N.Virginia) and US West (Oregon).

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