Data#3 and Aruba supply modern network for Wesley Mission QLD

Data#3 and Aruba supply modern network for Wesley Mission QLD

The two companies helped Wesley Mission Queensland to modernise its network

Dovetree Aged Care facility

Dovetree Aged Care facility

Credit: Wesley Mission

Data#3 landed a project with Wesley Mission Queensland to modernise its network in another step towards its digital transformation journey.

The HPE partner implemented the functionality and cloud networking management of Aruba, and in collaboration, the two companies helped Wesley Mission define road maps and technical updates focusing on end user compute and professional services. 

The project is part of the care services provider’s Reliable, Enabled, Accessible, Defendable and Integrated (READI) program to modernise its network and core infrastructure across 68 aged care, disability services and mental health facilities. 

The first site to undertake the new network structure was Wesley's Dovetree aged care community in Brisbane that was under construction. The result from this portion of the project acted as a blueprint towards rolling out, and replicating the network enhancements to its other facilities. 

“We started off small but scaled up quickly, and can now deploy mobility and configure applications as we need. We’re now in a position to add other apps and services, and gain advantage from looking at our data around organisational efficiency. It is a foundational piece in modernising our systems,” Wesley Mission Queensland CIO, Selina Beauchamp, said. 

The previous network was unreliable often experiencing issues with Wi-Fi and ‘dead spots’ in the building. 

The network upgrade now means staff can experience reliable connectivity and enables them to be more mobile. 

Beauchamp said it was attracted to Aruba’s high performance wired and wireless capabilities that slotted in with its changing IT landscape, after recognising its previous network infrastructure wasn’t capable of meeting its future needs. 

“We had grown organically and the previous network didn’t cater for optimisation, resilience or best practice architecture,” Beauchamp said. “We want to assist our residents to use technology to help them feel connected, while reducing loneliness and boredom.

Technology plays an important role for the care service provider as it uses an electronic clinical system where staff need to access care plans, connect residents with their medical team and undertake eHealth initiatives. Security was also a big factor for the organisation. 

Another key requirement was to have minimal support needs, so that Wesley residents can plug-and-play their devices without intervention.

“Our residents are seeking greater autonomy in how they access information, and we can tailor services to their needs – we have to be agile or be left behind,”she said. 

Furthermore, Wesley Mission Queensland service delivery team leader Alan Hacker said the generation entering aged facilities have a better understanding of technology, which is placing a greater demand on the network, particularly with streaming services and connected devices including Wi-Fi enabled chairs. 

Data#3 previously collaborated with Wesley Mission on a ‘Workstations on Wheels’ project in providing tablets to their staff. 

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