NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Power to the people

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Power to the people

Thanks to a flood of mail from you, I’m waging war on my editor to keep the personal side of my column alive as long as I can. Bad news, though; even before leaving for England, Amber is out of my life. Apache bit her pretty face, and she blames me. “You told that dog to sic me, Cringe,” she screamed.

Amber is not the only one scolding me. A spy came down on me for reporting only the tip of the EDS iceberg. The juicier part, he said, is the way EDS handles security with the Navy and marines. My spy once had security clearance, but even after it was deactivated, he was assigned to work on classified systems and in classified areas. Anyone who questioned his access was called to the base commander’s office and chided for impeding the process. EDS went so far as to create an ID for my spy’s colleague that granted access to secret systems. When any of the government folks caught on, they were reassigned to a new area after a trip to the commander’s office. “It was real easy work. At one point we even played computer games for three days without working at all,” my spy said.

The HP No-way

Meanwhile, spies reported why they are infuriated with the new HP, primarily when it comes to faltering tech support. A mole said that after seven years of using HP desktops, his company switched because the old Compaq line, that overtook the Vectra series, was not as serviceable under HP.

My mole added that on at least three occasions when he called in to get support on Unix servers, after suffering through the call queue, he was told, “Sorry, I’m with premerger Compaq, and I can’t help you with Unix.”

A reality harsher than Amber’s untimely departure: She was contributing significantly to the bills, and a journalist’s salary alone won’t cut it in this town. I might need to get a real job now.

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