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Tumbleweed Unveils Intelligent Data Leak Prevention and Real-time Botnet Defense

  • 22 June, 2007 13:47

<p>Featuring new levels of effectiveness, ease-of-use and control,
MailGate’s innovative capabilities raise the bar on email messaging security</p>
<p>Sydney, 21 June, 2007 – Tumbleweed® Communications Corp. (NASDAQ: TMWD), the industry's leading pure play messaging security vendor, today announced new MailGate® capabilities that will dramatically reduce accidental email data leaks and botnet driven threats. Featuring the security industry’s first multi-layered perimeter defense, MailGate’s new capabilities arm customers with unrivaled end-to-end security and dramatically reduce the cost and complexity associated with email messaging security.</p>
<p>According to IDC’s Security Survey, 2006, employee error is now the fourth largest security concern in the enterprise, behind malware, spyware and spam. In fact, the vast majority of accidental data leaks are by well-intentioned employees via email – and they are far more prevalent than malicious attacks.</p>
<p>“Every enterprise, whether its in the public or government sector, wants to keep confidential data from leaking into the wrong hands. But most content filtering solutions are extremely expensive and overly complex – and all they do is identify the problem,” said Mr. Stree Naidu, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan, Tumbleweed. “With Tumbleweed’s MailGate, we provide CIOs with a full email messaging solution – it identifies the problem and then automatically takes action quickly and easily, based on their unique needs and policies.”</p>
<p>“For regional organizations, or regionally-focused organizations providing a central solution for a primary communications tool adds to the business smarts of the management team,” he continued.</p>
<p>Similarly, concerns around spam – and specifically, botnets – continue to mount. Zombie emails account for more than 85 percent of spam and the volume of spam has risen by 100 percent over the last six months.</p>
<p>MailGate 3.5 features innovative defense capabilities on both fronts to address these widespread concerns.</p>
<p>End-to-End Data Leak Protection
To date, data leak and content filtering products have often lacked the direct integration with email policies and encryption needed to prevent accidents. Enterprises have universally been plagued by cost and complexity, requiring complex data categorization and hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct basic outbound filtering.</p>
<p>The new MailGate capabilities extend data leak and content filtering functionality to enforce multiple policy actions on messages containing sensitive information based on user context, corporate rules and delivery methods like encryption. This new functionality goes beyond the limited reporting capabilities of other content filtering vendors, yet at a fraction of the complexity and cost. Through innovation of the user interface, the new MailGate automatically filters certain confidential information, including specific credit card, banking/trading numbers with a simple checkbox, making the enforcement of policies surrounding this data a best practice. The interface also provides extensive lexicons of financial, healthcare and offensive terms, with flexible word-weighting for granular control over a wide range of regulated information. Additionally, MailGate’s content filters can scan all inbound and outbound messages, and more than 300 types of attachments, including binary and nested files. To further protect data, MailGate also provides policy-based TLS encryption.</p>
<p>Real-Time Botnet Detection
MailGate offers a critical new defense against the growing problem of botnets – armies of hijacked ‘zombie’ computers, used for distributed spam and virus attacks. Botnets have been particularly effective against antispam products that rely heavily on IP reputation databases. By hijacking new IP addresses without established reputations, botnets are often able to elude detection – delivering spam from distributed locations, and stealing new IP addresses when existing ones are identified.</p>
<p>MailGate solves this problem with an innovative approach that combines a global network of over 100 million IP addresses, real-time updates, and pattern detection from more than 50,000 end-points across the Internet. Unlike competing systems, MailGate can correlate distributed attacks and drop connections from newly hijacked IPs – even if they don’t have an existing negative reputation. This is combined with MailGate’s extensive MailGate Edge™ defense capabilities blocking directory harvest attacks, email denial of service attacks, and invalid recipients – often eliminating 90 percent or more of raw email traffic before it overwhelms the network. And MailGate’s extensive layers of spam content and image filtering assure the highest levels of spam capture with negligible false positives.</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability
The newest MailGate capabilities will be available exclusively on MailGate Appliance™. MailGate 3.5 is anticipated to be available from Tumbleweed and Australian and New Zealand channel partners, Information Gateways; Content Security and Open Systems in late July 2007 with prices starting around US$5000.</p>
<p>About the Tumbleweed MailGate Product Suite
The Tumbleweed MailGate Product Suite is a family of products for protecting, filtering and monitoring corporate email, blocking more than 99 percent of inbound spam. These best-in-breed products enable businesses to manage inbound and outbound traffic, block threats, encrypt messages and block data leaks. MailGate products include MailGate Appliance, MailGate Email Firewall™ software and MailGate Secure Messenger™ software, each optimized for specific environments and security challenges.
About Tumbleweed
Tumbleweed Communications Corp. (NASDAQ:TMWD), the industry’s leading pure play messaging security vendor, provides world-class innovative messaging security solutions for organizations of all sizes. Organizations rely on Tumbleweed's solutions to securely manage their Internet communications, spanning email management to file transfers. Tumbleweed has nearly 2,700 customers worldwide, representing industries such as Finance, Healthcare, and the U.S. Government. The world’s most security conscious organizations rely upon Tumbleweed technology including Bank of America Securities, JP Morgan Chase &amp; Co., the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the U.S. Department of Defense. Our award-winning products build on fourteen years of R&amp;D and 26 security patents in the U.S. alone – many of which are licensed by other security vendors. More information can be found at</p>
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