ADIC to integrate tape and disk back-up

ADIC to integrate tape and disk back-up

Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) is set to announce a new storage array that's designed to speed up and improve the reliability of tape backups by integrating with users' existing back-up software and tape libraries.

The Pathlight VX will be a redundant array of independent disks (RAID 5) system that houses as many as 40TB of serial ATA (AT attachment) disks. It is designed to work with back-up software from major vendors such as Veritas and Legato.

Users won't have to change their tape back-up software to use the Pathlight because ADIC's specialised I/O controller contains software that makes it appear as a regular tape library to most back-up software products, according to Scott Hamilton, ADIC's director of product management.

By shifting from tape to Pathlight's disk-based storage, however, they should get better performance and reliability than they would with tape.

"It's going to provide better performance for both back-up and restore - particularly for restore - and it's going to provide better fault tolerance," he said.

The Pathlight's I/O controller was also designed to move data directly from the Pathlight to tape libraries, so administrators could also create tape back-ups without using any network or system resources, Hamilton said.

The new array will be available in December 2003.

Full pricing for the Pathlight VX will be announced thereabouts, but it will start at under $US200,000 for a 10TB system.

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