SCO hit by legal action in Germany

SCO hit by legal action in Germany

The German subsidiary of The SCO Group has temporarily shut down its website, after a local Linux user group received a restraining court order against the US software group, but plans to reactivate the site shortly.

"We deactivated our website while we continue to scan for any statements or references to Linux," said Hans Bayer, managing director of SCO GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. "We decided to wait for the new corporate design that the parent company is preparing for all its websites worldwide before we reactivate ours."

On May 23, lawyers for LinuxTag, an association representing largely Linux program developers, told SCO's German subsidiary to retract its claims regarding ownership of Linux kernel code by May 30 or make its evidence public.

With its unsubstantiated claims, SCO was hurting competitors, intimidating Linux customers and inflicting damage on the reputation of Linux as an open platform, LinuxTag spokesman Andreas Gebhard, said.

"We told SCO flat out they must stop claiming that the standard Linux kernel violates its copyrights if they can't prove it," he said. The German subsidiary is consulting with its lawyers about its website and whether it should go to court with LinuxTag, Bayer said.

"We're considering what the next sensible step should be," he said, adding that nowhere in Europe was the Linux community as well-organised and vocal as in Germany.

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