BES IT Systems coaches bus network on Eaton solution

BES IT Systems coaches bus network on Eaton solution

The Brisbane-based reseller assisted with the installation and maintenance of the new system

Clarks Logan City Buses turned to BES Information Technology Systems to mitigate any future power outages.

Clarks Logan City Buses turned to BES Information Technology Systems to mitigate any future power outages.

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Brisbane-based Clarks Logan City Buses runs a fleet of 127 buses which amount to 220,000 trips a year. The company operates 21 hours a day and a power outage suffered in early 2019 made it realise the importance of keeping its hardware safe.

Clarks Logan City Buses relies on real-time data to run its daily operations. Telemantics, real-time driver dispatches and roster systems help ensure buses are on time.

“If the infrastructure went down for half a day three years ago, it wasn’t a big deal. But the reliance of real-time data now means that any down time would cause huge disruptions to customers and have further cost implications to our business,” Clarks Logan City Buses CEO Graham Davis  said.

To prevent the system falling victim to any future power outages, Clarks Logan City Buses turned to managed services provider BES Information Technology Systems for help.

“They needed protection against notifiable data breaches, as well as hardware protection and housing of the equipment, given the sweltering temperatures of a Queensland summer and the challenging physical environment of a bus depot,” Dylan Mapp, managed services director for BES said.

BES then suggested to implement Eaton’s Micro Data Centre (MDC) to provide power back-up and servers at the core of Clarks Logan City Buses’ network, which was compact enough to not require a dedicated server room as originally thought, Davis said.

Because the proposed installation location of the MDC was near an external wall that was close to the main power board, installation was simple.

“A huge benefit for us was the fact that we could house the MDC in the corner of our utility room. This allowed us to consolidate all IT and backup solutions without having to build a dedicated space. Not having to invest in a purpose-built room was a winner for us,” Davis explained.

Today, BES is able to provide both on-site and off-site support for Clarks Logan City Buses, with off-site support and maintenance being conducted through remote access, which results in quicker response times and maintaining protection of the system.

“The MDC removed the need for in-room cooling, enhanced physical security with robust environmental controls, and maximised network up-time which were all key priorities for Clarks Logan City Buses,” Mapp added.

Clarks Logan City Buses expects the new solution to safeguarded the business from any future power outages.

“We have a reputation for running on time and not dropping trips which is essential to keeping customers happy. Additionally, we have contract obligations to meet, such as compliance against notifiable data breaches and key performance criteria, such as on-time running, or we may face penalties,” said Davis.

“Ensuring our business is protected and our IT equipment is robust is of critical importance for us. 

“Knowing that all of our equipment is protected from hazards and outages gives us peace of mind and confidence to grow our business well into the future.”

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