AWS Config moves to a new pay model

AWS Config moves to a new pay model

Results in 38 per cent drop in price

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Amazon Web Services has announced price changes to its AWS Config that will result in a new pay-per-use pricing model and a lower bill for "almost" all existing AWS Config rules customers.

AWS Config is the service that helps users assess, audit and evaluate the configuration of AWS resources. It can be used to view compliance history and trends, identify configuration drift and remediate configurations that fall out of compliance. 

"Today, AWS Config rules are priced based on the number of active AWS Config rules you have in your account," the cloud provider said in a statement. "An active rule is defined as a rule that records a compliance result against at least one resource during the month.

"In the new pricing model, you will be charged based on your monthly AWS Config rule evaluations. A rule evaluation is recorded every time you compare your resource configuration against the rule."

According to AWS, this aligns the actual use of AWS Config rules and gives users value by supporting volume usage.

"This new pricing is designed to provide almost all of the current AWS Config rules customers with a significant reduction in their AWS Config rules bill," it said.

The new pricing rules, which can be found here, will result in a 38 per cent spend drop for users. Under the current model a package could cost US$120, however, under the new pricing model the cost will decrease to US$74.

The new pricing will be effective of 1 August.

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