121 providers on the DTA's Software Licensing and Services Panel

121 providers on the DTA's Software Licensing and Services Panel

Full list of providers

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The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has added 21 providers to the Software Licensing and Services Panel, commercial off the shelf (COTS) Software.

Here is the list with all 121 providers as of April 2018:

  • A23 Pty Ltd
  • Access Testing Pty Ltd
  • AcronymIT Pty Limited
  • Acularo Australia Pty Ltd
  • Aegis 9 Pty Ltd
  • Agile Digital Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Aginic Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Airbus DS Geo Australia Pty Ltd
  • Airlock Digital Pty Ltd
  • Amnesium Pty Ltd
  • Anabelle Bits Pty Ltd t/a ASI Solutions
  • Anstat Pty Ltd
  • Aquion Pty Ltd
  • Assertiv Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Attribute 3 Pty Limited
  • Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communication Pty Ltd
  • Avocado Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Baidam Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Balance Internet Pty Ltd
  • Berkeley Information Technology Pty Ltd
  • Biometix Pty Ltd
  • Bluleader Pty Ltd
  • BMC Software (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Capital Analytics Pty Ltd
  • Catalink Pty Ltd
  • CBIT Pty Ltd
  • CCA Software Pty Ltd
  • Cirrus Correct Communications (ACT) Pty Ltd
  • Civica Pty Limited
  • CommsNet Group Pty Ltd
  • Communications Design and Management Pty Limited
  • Computer Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • CSO Group Pty Ltd
  • D'alRae Solutions Pty Ltd (The Trustee for Rae Family Trust)
  • Data#3
  • Dell Australia Pty Limited
  • Delv Pty Ltd
  • Dialog Pty Ltd
  • Digital Lifecycle Group Pty Ltd
  • Digitus Information Systems Pty Ltd
  • Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd
  • Dossiere Pty Ltd
  • Drivelock Software Pty Ltd
  • Dusk Mobile Pty Ltd
  • Dynatrace Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd
  • Elcom Technology Pty Ltd
  • EMC Global Holdings Company, T/A EMC Australia
  • Enosys Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Epicon IT Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Esri Australia Pty Ltd
  • Ethan Group Pty Ltd
  • Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Forward IT Pty Ltd
  • Fujitsu Australia Limited
  • Generation-e Productivity Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Genix Ventures Pty Ltd
  • Geoplex Products Pty Ltd
  • Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd
  • Gulanga Group Pty Ltd
  • Hardcat Pty Ltd
  • HKA Global Pty Ltd
  • Holocentric Pty Ltd
  • IBM Australia Limited
  • Icognition Pty Ltd
  • Informotion Pty Ltd
  • Infront Systems Pty Ltd
  • Ingenium Group Pty Ltd
  • Insight Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd
  • Insitec Pty Ltd
  • Intelledox Pty Ltd
  • Iocane Pty Ltd
  • IPP Technologies Pty Ltd
  • K.J. Ross & Associates Pty Ltd
  • Knosys Solutions Pty Ltd
  • LiveTiles Limited
  • lntech Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Makwara Solutions Pty Ltd
  • MBITS Pty Ltd
  • MCR Computer Resources Pty Ltd
  • Mentum Systems Pty Ltd
  • MicroWay Pty Ltd
  • NEC Australia Pty Ltd
  • NetApp Australia Pty Ltd
  • NTT Com ICT Solutions
  • Octane Software Solutions ACT Pty Ltd
  • Oobe Pty Ltd
  • Open Systems Australia
  • Outcomex Pty Ltd
  • PlexNet Pty Ltd
  • Pursuit Technology Australia Pty Ltd
  • QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd
  • Quest Software International Limited
  • Red 29 Pty Ltd
  • Resolve Software Group Pty Ltd
  • Securesoft Distribution Pty Ltd
  • Sentrient Pty Ltd
  • Shelde Pty Ltd
  • Snow Software Pty Ltd
  • SoftTestPays Pty Ltd
  • Software AG Australia Pty Ltd
  • Speedwell Pty Ltd
  • Synergy Group Australia Pty Ltd
  • Telstra Corporation Limited
  • Teradata Australia Pty Ltd
  • The Citadel Group Limited
  • The Information Management Group Pty Ltd
  • The Trustee for Kirra Services Unit Trust
  • The Trustee for TRM TRUST (Greenbox Systems)
  • Think180 Pty Ltd
  • Trustee for Kruger Investment Trust No. 2 (Silicon Billabong)
  • Unify Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Veritas (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Veritec Pty Ltd
  • Viocorp International Pty Ltd
  • Virtual Forge Australia Pty Ltd
  • Winc Australia Pty Ltd
  • WorkingMouse Pty Ltd
  • XLATE Australia Pty Ltd
  • XMPro Pty Ltd
  • Zen Enterprise Pty Ltd

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