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TruSecure Unveils Comprehensive Product And Service Offerings For Intelligent Risk Management

  • 23 September, 2003 12:48

<p>~ New Solutions Enable Organisations to Automate, Streamline and Simplify Intelligent Risk Management ~</p>
<p>Sydney AUSTRALIA - September 23, 2003 - TruSecure® Corporation, the leading provider of Intelligent Risk Management, today announced a comprehensive set of security product and service offerings, including the TruServ and TruAdvisor service families and TruSolutions product family. TruSecure's intelligent risk management solutions enable customers to predict which vulnerabilities present real risk, prioritise remediation efforts, quickly adapt to changes in the security "threatscape", and document compliance with applicable security policies, standards and regulations.</p>
<p>In related news, TruSecure also announced the availability of Risk Commander, a part of the TruSolutions product family. Risk Commander is an enterprise software application that provides actionable insight into security effectiveness through measuring and visualising risk reduction and proving compliance with policies, standards and regulatory requirements.</p>
<p>Today's complex enterprise environments are increasingly vulnerable to attacks, despite billions of dollars spent on an army of products and services designed to secure them. The flood of vulnerabilities means that organisations cannot react fast enough to prevent all exposures, making it critical that products and services anticipate which vulnerabilities and threats are truly dangerous, and help to mitigate the risk.</p>
<p>"We see a world where organisations are overwhelmed by security demands and have no way to predict which vulnerabilities and threats will wreak havoc," said John Becker, CEO of TruSecure. "It's TruSecure's job to give our customers the tools, services and intelligence they need to secure their valuable assets in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our offerings do just that."</p>
<p>At the heart of TruSecure's products and services is world-class knowledge and intelligence-which takes both the world threat data and customer-specific data and does risk-based analysis that provides actionable information, driving quantifiable risk reduction for customers. Integrating TruSecure's knowledge and intelligence-gathering assets with proprietary analysis tools enables customers to make better security decisions and maximise the effectiveness of their existing security resources.</p>
<p>"In the aftermath of one of the worst periods of malicious code attacks in history, it is evident that corporations and government entities alike continue to struggle with their security efforts. Despite spending up to millions of dollars every year on new products and services, too many organisations are still getting hit hard with each new exploit," said Mark Bouchard, Senior Program Director at META Group, Inc. "There is no question that many of them would benefit from a holistic, proactive and cost-effective management offering that codifies and facilitates the necessary phases of the vulnerability lifecycle management process (i.e., notification, applicability and impact assessment, prioritisation, remediation)."</p>
<p>TruSecure's new product offerings automate, streamline, and simplify intelligent risk management. The TruSolutions family of products includes Risk Commander, which provides turn-key insight into security effectiveness by measuring and providing visual proof of policy, standards, and regulatory compliance; and IntelliShield Alert Manager, which is a security threat/vulnerability alerting service that notifies the key individuals in your organisation about emerging threats. Upcoming product releases will provide vulnerability assessment for Internet-facing networks and an early warning system to provide real-time notification about exposures to emerging vulnerabilities.</p>
<p>TruSecure's service offerings, TruServ and TruAdvisor, enable customers to instantly tap into TruSecure's security knowledge and intelligence-gathering capabilities. TruServ provides continuous, ongoing risk reduction security programs, systemically improving an organisation's security posture. TruServ also reassures C-level executives by proving both due diligence through certification and compliance with regulatory requirements like HIPAA and GLB. TruAdvisor periodic security engagements provide a trusted third party to assess current security posture, augment what a customer already has, or, after a security event, investigate what went wrong.</p>
TruSecure is the leading provider of intelligent risk management products and services. TruSecure dramatically improves security and reduces risk by helping organisations make better security decisions and maximise the effectiveness of existing security people, processes, and products. Leveraging TruSecure's vast security knowledge and intelligence gathering resources-including ICSA Labs, the global leader in information security product certification-as well as innovative technology and time-tested processes, our customers can predict which vulnerabilities present real risk, prioritise remediation efforts, quickly adapt to changes in the security threatscape, measure progress in improving their security posture, and document compliance with applicable security policies, standards and regulations.</p>
<p>Headquartered in Herndon, VA, TruSecure's customer-proven solutions are used by more than 700 customers worldwide, with operations in North America, Central America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information about TruSecure Corporation, visit</p>
<p>TruSecure, ICSA, ICSA Labs, Vigilinx and IntelliShield are registered trademarks of TruSecure Corporation. All other trademarks and service marks mentioned herein are property of their respective owners.</p>
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