The Memorex of a lifetime

The Memorex of a lifetime

Memorex Telex's MD Bruce Stewart talks with Vivienne FisherARN: How was the company started?

Stewart: Memorex was established back in the late 60s as a US-owned company with its main product being IBM plug-compatible storage systems. It was acquired in 1983 by the Burroughs Corporation. Burroughs then sold Memorex in 1986 to a management buyout worldwide, with the management buyout then acquiring Telex Corporation, which gave rise to the Memorex Telex Corporation worldwide. About 1995 Memorex Telex was sold in three pieces, with the Asia-Pacific group being acquired by Kanematsu Corporation.

What products and services does your company offer?

The major service we provide is network integration. We work with our vendor partners such as Cisco, IBM and Microsoft and essentially what we do is design and implement an integrated network solution. We also carry out total network maintenance, such as rem-edial maintenance. Our largest customer in this area is Qantas. We provide the maintenance of their entire network wherever they land a plane, from the boarding pass readers to the servers. We are also selling, deploying and supporting SCO Pacific's Tarantella product, a Web-enablement device which allows the user to access applications on multiple platforms without rewriting existing code.

Other products include CrossView, a problem change and asset management tool.

We also have the network control centre, which has in the past been a connectivity monitoring device. This year we have introduced a product we developed internally, NIMS (network integrated management system), which is an integrated series of applications designed to increase the efficiencies of Internet NCC processes, and also deliver a fully interactive secure Web site detailing monitoring services to NCC customers.

We've also recently upgraded our total network maintenance. We offer 24 x 7 call centre support to our remedial maintenance customers.

How has the business developed since its inception?

We've been developing along with the environment. Networks have been expanding on an increasing rate and Memorex Telex has been growing proportionally. It's our intention to keep pace technologically with further network expansion. The vision for the com-pany is to see Memorex Telex as more of an IT business than simply a commodity supplier.

What areas of technology are you keeping an eye on?

The merging of data, voice and video. We now see Internet companies merging with media and communications companies. In the past we entered our homes and offices, communicating by voice over the phone, worked on PCs on data, and switched our entertainment centres on . . . all of these require telecommunications and it's natural an integration of these functions will take place over the coming years. We at Memorex Telex are like all companies seeking to differentiate ourselves in order to sustain growth and that's why we've been growing into software support and operational services.

What does the future hold for your company?

I would say that our vision is to be a business partner assisting our customers to develop. Our job is to remain current and provide technical leadership to these customers. As they grow, our growth will be proportional.

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