Nokia's new Japan handset has Sanyo inside

Nokia's new Japan handset has Sanyo inside

Nokia is increasing the amount of production outsourcing it uses in Japan, in accordance with plans the company announced earlier this year.

The company's new J-NM01 cell phone, launched earlier this month for J-Phone Communications Ltd.'s network and on show Tuesday at the Expo Comm Wireless Japan show, is manufactured by Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. For its part, Nokia redesigned the case and added extra services to the handset, the hardware of which is largely based on an existing Sanyo handset.

"When we announced our fiscal year 2000 results, we did announce we would increase outsourcing from 10 percent to 20 percent," said Chiyoko Saeki, a spokeswoman for Nokia Japan. "Nokia is augmenting our manufacturing capacity with outsourcing. We are doing this in order to enable volume flexibility and to optimize capacity availability. This is mainly by expanding sub-assembly and module outsourcing."

"This time in Japan we are partnering with Sanyo to launch a new PDC (Personal Digital Communications - a Japanese cellular standard) phone for the flexibility and to optimize our engineering resources. We can focus our resources on developing unique services, such as Nokia Pics," she said.

The Nokia Pics service, which is available to all users of the J-NM01 phone, is a first in Japan according to Nokia. With Nokia Pics, users can send digital images taken with the telephone's built-in still camera to any Internet-capable cell phone or Internet e-mail address. At present, several cell phone handsets with built-in still cameras are available, but picture e-mail functions have been restricted to recipients using the same network.

Nokia Pics gets over this problem by storing the image on a server and then sending an e-mail message containing a link to the image to the recipient. From this link, the recipient can then access the server and view the picture. The server is capable of formatting the page for the device accessing the image, whether it be from a handset on one of Japan's three cellular networks or from a personal computer.

The J-NM01 has a built-in 70,000 pixel digital still camera, 2-inch 256 color screen and the battery offers standby time of 300 hours and continuous talk time of 120 minutes. The handset measures 49 by 94 by 25 millimeters and weighs 100 grams.

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