NOTES FROM THE FIELD: A portal for the loo, Gates gets his due

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: A portal for the loo, Gates gets his due

Looking at the steam coming off the mail in my inbox this week, I definitely need a place to lay low for a while. One reader kindly recommended Geek Cruises, where I could work on my tan and my Perl programming skills at the same time. He also thought it would help my love life but I'm not so sure. The brochures are full of guys with goatees and laptops - not exactly my idea of The Love Boat.

Potty Favors: A New Jersey company claims to have trademarked the universal restroom symbol for use in a new search portal called (RROL). (Their motto? "Sooner or later, everyone goes.")

A press release claims the site will feature paid links to travel, sports, news, stocks, and other sites. I figured this had to be a joke, but according to Vito Collucci, founder and CEO of RROL, it's a real but "humouristic approach" to search.

Collucci claims he's still "ascertaining financing" but hopes to launch next spring. In the meantime, the site,, features a Flash preview that's cheesier than a quattro formaggio calzone.

Hey, most dot-coms eventually end up in the toilet; why not just start out there?

Pearly Gates: Reader Alan T. takes exception to recent items published in this space that make Bill Gates sound like the second coming of Scrooge McDuck. And you know what? He's right. According to Forbes magazine, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funneled some $US28 billion to worthy causes, or about 10 times the combined donations of well-fixed folks such as Larry Ellison, Paul Allen, and Michael Dell. Maybe His Billness deserves that knighthood after all.

Nobody Nose the Trouble I've Seen: A few readers did not appreciate a recent item on the Nouse, a Webcam-based dingus that could allow users to control PCs using nose or eye movements.

I think enabling technologies are great, but that one seemed a bit over the top.

Still, if my humour offended, I apologise. I never intended to thumb my nose at the disabled.

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