How DSI ‘filled in the gaps’ of Youfoodz’ supply chain

How DSI ‘filled in the gaps’ of Youfoodz’ supply chain

NetSuite technology partner helps meal delivery firm

When Youfoodz’ CTO Myles Lawlor contracted NetSuite to overhaul the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP), it soon became clear this was only part of the job.

As one of Australia’s rising stars on the meal delivery scene, Youfoodz needed to maintain a regimental warehouse and goods management - something that required more than just a new ERP platform.

Enter DSI, a Kansas City-based NetSuite technology partner of four years, which was tasked to develop a series software applications to track Youfoodz’ stock from inbound shipment to external delivery from an employee’s mobile device.

“We provide supply chain applications and inventory management applications that complement NetSuite,” DSI vice president of business development Aaron Stevens explained. “[After the NetSuite implementation] what Myles quickly found out was that there were gaps outside of ERP that he needed to fill.”

As Stevens explained, those gaps included ensuring food is boxed and serialised correctly and the temperature is regulated.

“So we track that chicken all the way through the process to ensure it's cooked correctly and it doesn't go out the door and you get salmonella,” he quipped.

Having mapped out the requirements from the supply chain to their core applications, DSI then used its own platform to configure those to Youfoodz’ needs, providing his teams with a mobile solution that automates the tracking process.

The whole process - from sales to implementation - took just two weeks.

“Now [Youfoodz’ staff] are running around the warehouse with mobile devices, scanning things as they need," Stevens said.

“Now they can automatically update the NetSuite ERP in real-time rather than someone taking a piece of paper, writing a number down and then manually entering into NetSuite. This allows them to crack real-time information to make business decisions.”

Going forward however, there is still more work for DSI to do with Youfoodz. As the software firm’s first customer in Australia, Youfoodz has now tapped DSI to enable it to control the entire meal-delivery experience right until the food reaches the customer’s door.

According to Stevens, the next step for Youfoodz is to own the delivery system and not hire out so many drivers.

“We’re now working with them on a proof-of-delivery application for capture your signature when you get your food, learn when your driver is en-route and get a picture when it’s left by the door," Stevens added.

“If they are going to grow as a supply chain technology company, they have to own the whole space. If they don’t, they could lose the customer because of the delivery."

As well as Youfoodz, DSI also works with Australian customers such as United Health Products and Everhard on NetSuite, calling the vendor its ‘fastest-growing’ segment.

As a result of its NetSuite’s growth, DSI has recently embarked on an aggressive growth push in the Australian market, hiring Aaron McGrath as regional sales manager for its seven-person Melbourne office.

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