Nortel certifies new VoIP partners

Nortel certifies new VoIP partners

Nortel Networks is expanding the compatibility of its VoIP (Voice over IP) and multimedia solutions through completion of interoperability testing with new, third-party products and the addition of new industry leaders to its interoperability program.

Nortel has awarded Nortel Compatible Product status to products from Adax, ARRIS International, AudioCodes, Carrier Access, Entrisphere, Nuera Communications, and Westell Technologies. This designation is awarded to companies that successfully demonstrate interoperability with Nortel's Communication Server (CS) 2000 and Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) 5200. For instance, Nortel will test interoperability between its CS 2000 server and Adax's Tunneling Gateway, allowing for transparent transport of SS7 signaling across an IP core.

New members of Nortel's VoIP and multimedia interoperability program include ADTRAN, Alpha Networks, Dataflex Design Communications, Mpathix, and T-Metrics. As part of this program, member companies will participate in interoperability testing in Nortel's lab facilities to assure interoperability with Nortel's VoIP and multimedia portfolio.

Nortel's interoperability testing program was designed to help ensure seamless integration between multi-vendor solutions, according to Ken Pecot, general manager for service provider voice networks at Nortel.

"Interoperability between vendors' products allows service providers to speed deployment times and ultimately deliver to the market superior integrated voice, video, and data that will enhance how, when, and where people communicate with full mobility," he said.

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