D-Link marketing madness

D-Link marketing madness

Marketing managers are a creative and resourceful breed that can sometimes be the difference between stocking a good product and selling it by the truckload.

But, as with all positions that rely on the fast and furious flow of creative juices, they are prone to overstepping the mark from time to time and getting things completely out of proportion.

One of the funniest recent examples of this phenomenon was provided to ARN last week courtesy of networking vendor, D-Link, which issued a press release championing its DVC-1000 i2Eye VideoPhone.

This is a smart piece of kit which the vendor claims “introduces the world of video conferencing over the Internet, to bring you and your family, friends and colleagues together”.

The DVC-1000 is a standalone device that can be operated by connecting it with a standard telephone and a television, meaning it does not require a computer for end users to conduct video conferencing over the Internet.

The videophone uses advanced video compression technology to maximise image and audio quality within the available bandwidth and is capable of sending or receiving images at up to 30 frames per second.

While it is obviously an ideal solution for consumers and small businesses with high-speed Internet access — especially those with overseas or interstate relatives and business partners — D-Link issued a release promoting it as a solution “for those at risk or concerned about SARS and potential terrorist attacks”.

Apparently it will allow people to cut down on travel which, as we all know, greatly increases the risk of being struck down with deadly viruses or taken hostage by religious fundamentalists.

My DVC-1000 is already on order and anybody wanting to contact me in future will have to purchase one and reach me at home. My number is available from the office. Now, can I put my mask back on.

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