Ultra signs up CW Supplies and EAA

Ultra signs up CW Supplies and EAA

CW Supplies and Electronics Accessories Australia have been appointed as the first Australian distributors for Ultra's range of hardware PC peripherals.

CW Supplies product manager, Jan Mackay, said it would initially carry the vendor's X-Connect power supplies and cases.

It would look to distribute a further selection of products as the brand gained exposure in Australia, she said.

Electronics Accessories Australia purchasing officer, Rick Williams, said the distributor would stock all Ultra products except its UPS and Tool Kits series.

A US-based company, Ultra produces a plethora of PC goods ranging from accessories such as cables, memory and PC cases to MP3 players and flash card readers.

Both Mackay and Williams said they had approached Ultra after seeing the vendor's products discussed in various gamer forums.

"We saw their products as representing a unique opportunity [for us]," Mackay said. "Ultra has a broad range of quality power supplies that complement any spectrum of the market - from your novice computer enthusiast through to your hardcore gamer that seeks constant power 100 per cent of the time. They are also suitable for corporates seeking reliable power supplies.

"PC modware is at an all-time high and the consumer is now diligent in seeking out premium quality products. PC gamers are going to great lengths to out-do their buddies with PC modifications in cases and power supplies."

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