What's new from: CBL Data Recovery, USBNet, Computer Associates, Iomega, Quantum, Alphawest

What's new from: CBL Data Recovery, USBNet, Computer Associates, Iomega, Quantum, Alphawest

CBL Data Recovery

CBL claims it offers the most cost-effective and efficient procedures to get your data back quickly no matter the cause of failure or operating system. CBL provides recovery services for data losses caused by mechanical or electrical failure, virus activity, system malfunctions, accidental erasure or re-formatting, water, fire, or smoke damage, or file corruption. CBL extends a free lab evaluation and a “no data, no charge” policy to all clients. The company offers two reseller programs: a referral program that allows resellers to refer a data recovery client to CBL and then have the company deal direct with the client, and a ‘middleman’ program that allows resellers to play the middleman in the data recovery service, keeping their clients and offering another product to their product list. CBL said the latter program was popular as it increased a product basis that they would not be able to accommodate internally in their office/store. Pricing upon application (POA).


Targeted at business, mobile and education professionals, the USBNet Anypak USB 2.0 external hard drives offer up to 60GB capacity. Thirty times faster than USB 1.1, the flash memory allows rapid transfer and storage of data with read/write up to 48MBps. Weighing about 127g, the 110mm x 70mm x 11mm plug- and-play hard drive is compact, light and has low power consumption. Compatible with Win98, Win98SE, WinME, Win2000, WinXP, MacOS8.6 and above, MacOS9.0 and above, the product is highly portable. The USBNet Anypak USB 2.0 is available online through Oz Entrepreneur. RRP: From $425 for 20GB (incl. GST).

Computer Associates

Targeted at SMBs through to large enterprises, the BrightStor ARCserve Backup product family provides data and storage availability, scalability, interoperability and management features for e-businesses. Data protection solutions are available for Windows, NetWare and Linux. BrightStor ARCserve Backup options and agents complement and extend the backup/restore and management capabilities. It provides the restoration of a downed server, without the need for reinstalling the operating system or BrightStor ARCserve Backup from a remote location. It supports one-button Disaster Recovery (bootable tape), CD Base Disaster Recovery and Disk Base Disaster Recovery. BrightStor ARCserve Backup is distributed by Express Data, Tech Pacific, ACA Pacific, Ingram Micro and Lynx Technologies. RRP: From $1152 (incl. GST).


Iomega’s 120GB External HDD is a high-capacity external hard drive designed to make data storage and recovery easy. Suitable for both Mac and PC users via interface cables, the 7200rpm-speed hard drive is preformatted for easy setup. Its hot-swapability and plug-and-play functionality make it a simple storage solution for professionals and advanced home users. Users can do whole system backups and recovery through pre-installed Iomega Automatic Backup software. It also comes with Symantec Norton Ghost 2003 disaster recovery software so users can clone their system quickly, easily and directly to the Iomega hard drive for maximum protection. Iomega’s 120GB External HDD is distributed by Alloys International, Ingram Micro and Tech Pacific. RRP: $799.


Available with all of the same ATL M-Series tape drives and options, Quantum’s new ATL M1800 tape library provides 42 DLT tape or 50 LTO tape cartridge slots and up to four tape drives delivering the backup capacity and drive performance you expect in larger libraries. The ATL M1800 allows you to increase your libraries’ capacity as needed without requiring a “forklift upgrade” or an “offline” install. It has high density per rack and can be ‘rebuilt’ online. Using StackLink technology it can grow up to 300 slots and up to 20 drives. The ATL M1800 can be easily redeployed when backup requirements change, offering the user true investment protection. Installation and a “white-glove” StorageCare Services 5x9xNext Day onsite warranty are included. The M1800 is targeted at medium-sized enterprise and is available through ACA Pacific and Express Data. RRP: Starting from $22,500 (incl. GST) for the base library.


Alphawest’s eVigil backup service is designed for small to medium enterprises or mobile executives. This solution eliminates tape drives and media, automation software and inconsistent operators. Backed up data is encrypted, sent securely and remains available for easy restoration. eVigilCorporate is a fully featured service for enterprises requiring fast restoration with multiple recovery options. It comprises a dedicated server hosting the replicated data from the client’s primary server. In the event of the client’s server failing, a replacement server loaded with the client’s data is installed at the client’s site or emergency business continuity centre. Options range from secure hot rooms with monitored access to shared data centre rooms and racks with supervised access. Should something happen to your business premises, you can simply move your business into one of our recovery sites while you address your accommodation problems. Alphawest command centres are at the ready for the transmission of instructions to dispersed teams and the hosting of critical team members. Transmission options include voice, email or SMS. Alphawest offers a broad telecommunications infrastructure including a digital PABX to handle call centre requirements. RRP: POA.

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