Connectivity Briefs: Telstra and Optus, AOL, AT&T

Connectivity Briefs: Telstra and Optus, AOL, AT&T

Telcos sign agreement

Optus and Telstra have signed an Agency Recognition Agreement that, according to the telcos, will allow greater efficiency in providing telecommunications services to corporate customers. The agreement operates when Optus acquires Telstra services on behalf of a customer, and when Telstra acquires Optus services on behalf of a customer. Typically, one carrier will be appointed as ‘agent’ of the customer. Under the agreement, the other carrier must recognise the appointment. Both Optus and Telstra have agreed on rules, applying to both companies to ensure that customers are not inconvenienced by operational difficulties.

AOL acts against spam

America Online (AOL) has filed five separate lawsuits against alleged spammers as part of a broad anti-spam campaign that has included legal, legislative and technological means. The lawsuits charge more than a dozen companies and individuals with sending an estimated one billion spam messages to AOL members. The ISP said that the spam elicited more than eight million complaints from its members. An AOL spokesman confirmed that the company had begun blocking mail servers identified with residential broadband IP (Internet Protocol) addresses as part of its spam-fighting initiative.

AT&T secures voice-mail

AT&T Corporation has announced new security steps it has taken recently to protect businesses and consumers against voice-mail hackers. The carrier said some hackers have compromised personal or business voice-mail systems, and then have recorded a “yes, yes, yes” string to allow the system to surreptitiously accept a collect call, sometimes at great cost to users. The new procedure requires business or consumer users who receive collect calls to enter or speak random codes instead of saying “yes” to accept charges.

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