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Insurance for your data - Verbatim welcomes three new DynaBacker units to their Secure Data Storage range

  • 13 April, 2004 14:40

<p>Many of us understand the need and importance of file backup, but a costly traditional RAID system, a complex tape backup system, or hours of system installation time prevents many SOHO computer users from executing backup on their jobs. Utilising high performance but low cost embedded RAID mirrors, the three latest DynaBacker RAID systems provide the security modern users require, incorporating a user-friendly interface allowing ease of accessibility and maintenance. DP301: The cost efficient solution for data protection The DynaBacker DP301 (Manuf. #DB-3022) series is an internal IDE mirror kit based on RAID-1 mirror technology with a two bay 3.5-inch IDE hard drive enclosure. The compact unit fits conveniently into two 5.25-inch drive bay spaces and provides two security backup options: The online-mirror function provides real time data duplication as a preventative measure against hard drive failure; the auto-schedule-backup function enables swift recovery of lost data resulting from software application failure or virus attacks.
The user-friendly DynaRemote remote monitoring software enables convenient access to your PC system status from remote locations, including CPU loading, temperature, memory, hard disk failure, data rebuilding, email notification and much more.</p>
* Easy to configure
* Embedded hardware mirror/rebuild/backup, requires no additional add-on-card and zero PC system resources (CPU and memory)
* Ultra-fast rebuilding time (60GB in around 25 minutes)
* O/S supports Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 Server
* LED Indicator
* Built-in warning buzzer for hard disk and fan failure
* Supports up to 133 Mbps / sec</p>
<p>DP 001 &amp; DP002: The ultra convenient solution for data mobility and transportation
The DynaBacker DP001 (Manuf. # DB-2012) is an internal dual 2.5” HDD mirror and mobility device. The unit is comprised of 2 pocket-size portable hard drive enclosures (caddy’s), which can also serve as stand-alone external hard drives when connected to the DynaLitto (External USB2.0 Hard Drive Adaptor DP021). This allows the convenient removal and transportation of data between multiple computers- perfect for use when traveling or working remotely. Data synchronisation is a breeze, utilising the latest-data-update rebuild function which automatically mirrors data to the second hard drive for storage whilst traveling. When the caddy is returned to your home computer, a simple one-step process will quickly and easily update your PC with the latest data.</p>
<p>Not enough space in your PC for an internal unit, or wanting to use the DynaBacker in conjunction with your laptop? The DynaBacker DP002 (Manuf. #DB-2012UF) is a combo interface USB2.0 and Firewire IEEE - 1394 external data storage device based on RAID - 1 technology with dual bay 2.5-inch IDE hard drives. The unit offers the same user-friendly features as the DP001 with added convenience of external set-up for those with limited front bay space or laptop backup requirements.</p>
<p>The DynaRemote internet remote monitoring software provides friendly GUI to monitor your PC system status anywhere, including CPU loading, temperature, memory, hard disk failure, data rebuilding, e-mail alert notification and more. The DP002 offers the most convenient data mobility and data transportation solution for protecting your valuable data continuously monitoring your computer operation.</p>
* Easy Internal dual 2.5” HDD data mirror and mobility device (DP001); USB2.0/Firewire 1394 combo host interface (DP002).
* Reliable online hot-swap and hot plug-in replacement
* Combo on-line mirror and latest data update function
* Fast rebuilding time (30GB in less than 30 minutes)
* O/S supports Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 Server</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability
The all DynaBacker units are now available from authorised Verbatim resellers nationally.
Priced at $234.95 (RRP), the DP301 offers the most cost efficient solution for protecting your valuable data and continuous your computer operation. The DP001 has a recommended retail price of $439.95 and DP002 is priced at $549.95. The portable DynaLitto adaptor (DB021) is $129.95 (RRP). Caddies are also available separately (model DP031) for hot swap drive backup- RRP is $14.95.
* Please Note: DynaBacker units do not include HDD.</p>
<p>About eTrunk
In today’s world of e-information networking, it is essential to have highly efficient and secure data storage and data mirroring. Pioneers in both data storage and security &amp; monitoring industries, eTrunk Technology are manufacturers and distributors of the highest quality security products with a variety of total solutions. Since 1996 eTrunk Technology has developed a variety of disc array systems to meet the tremendous demands of the secure data storage market. With a range of highly efficient, secure products at a low cost, the company's total solution service has won eTrunk Technology the reputation of excellence in the data storage industry, with an ongoing philosophy to exceed customers' satisfaction.</p>
<p>Verbatim are the authorised distributors of the DynaBacker range of products from eTrunk throughout Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>About Verbatim
Since 1969 Verbatim has been at the forefront of the evolution of data storage technology. Today, more than 35 years later, Verbatim remains one of the most recognizable names in data storage and is an international market leader in the distribution of optical and magnetic media, computer hardware and computer consumables. Verbatim Corporation is currently the only firm in the world that designs, develops and manufactures high-performance, high-quality CD-Recordable, CD-ReWriteable, DVD-Recordable and ReWriteable DVD media products, and a complete family of MO media, as well as magnetic media and imaging products. For complete information on Verbatim’s product range, visit the company’s website at</p>

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