Cisco: Interoperability underpins wireless take-up

Cisco: Interoperability underpins wireless take-up

Wireless technology will increasingly be used for mission critical solutions and provide greater channel opportunities as standards continue to be ratified, according to Cisco's senior manager of wireless mobility, Ann Sun.

She was speaking on a recent visit to Australia, where she touted wireless developments to Cisco customers in an attempt to spruik the local market.

Vendor interoperability would be key to growing the market, Sun said.

Recognising enterprise security concerns as a major wi-fi issue, Cisco has announced a product collaboration with wireless monitoring specialist, AirDefense.

The partnership meant the new Cisco Aironet 1130AG and 1230AG access points provided automated threat detection to prevent rogue intrusions, she said.

The new products are certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) interoperability, which is the latest security IEEE 802.11i standard.

In the US, Cisco is seeing wi-fi opportunities in city areas for public networks as standards mature and mesh networks allow blanket coverage.

"Wi-fi is being used as a public safety first-responder solution and metropolitan mobile network solutions may include mesh aspects," Cisco Australia WLAN specialist, Adam Radford, said. "There's a lot of hype about [mesh networking] at the moment but standards are yet to be ratified," he said.

With six different types of wireless broadband networks now commercially deployed in Australia, including Unwired and Personal Broadband Australia (PBA), business users are recognising the potential of the technology.

"The early signs are that they are prepared to pay for wireless broadband that gives them connectivity where they need it," Gartner mobile wireless research director, Robin Simpson, said.

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