Networkers switch to party mode

Networkers switch to party mode

Enterasys Networks invited channel partners from China, Korea, Japan, India and Australia to the Burswood Casino in Perth earlier this month to celebrate the networking vendor’s first ever Asia-Pacific conference. Touting a reputation for throwing a mean party, Enterasys lived up to its name at this one-week binge of fine food, beer, dancing, gambling, games, golf and, well, networking. Enterasys’ partners wagging the many company seminars held over the week were spotted loitering around the hotel’s pools, bars or casino tables (with strategically placed laptops in case they suddenly needed to look busy). Later in the week, after a particularly heavy night of imbibing, the channel partners were asked to rise early for a very special breakfast which to everybody’s surprise began with calisthenics. Avnet’s Michael Costigan and Applicon’s Alastair Murray, who had been particularly jocular the previous evening, were conspicuously absent from the workout wake-up session.

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