Connectivity Briefs: OptusNet, NEXTEP, TransACT

Connectivity Briefs: OptusNet, NEXTEP, TransACT

OptusNet hacker found guilty

Police have scored a pyrrhic victory over the hacking of Internet service provider, OptusNet, after a Bankstown man was proven guilty of two counts of unauthorised modification of data with intent to cause impairment before the New South Wales District Court. A 22-year-old software engineer, Stephen Craig Dendtler, was released without fine or bond with no conviction recorded after the court heard that he had engaged in an “intellectual pursuit” with no real harm being caused despite him gaining access to the personal details of several thousand OptusNet customers through a “back-door” in the system. Dendtler’s defense counsel argued that although his actions were illegal, it was akin to “getting into the vault of a bank and taking nothing”. Dendtler used the humble family PC to commit the acts.

NEXTEP launches 4Mbps

NEC-owned NEXTEP Broadband has launched what it claims is the first 4Mbps service in Australia with the aim of extending the reach and speed of its offerings. A speed of 4Mbps will be available within 1.8kms of a receiver or 2Mbps within 2.6kms, in line with Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF) guidelines. The new high speed is achieved by sharing the traffic over two pairs of copper wire. NEXTEP managing director, Michael Johannessen, estimated savings of up to 30 per cent would be achievable.

TransACT’s central plan

TransACT Communications, a Canberra-based IP (Internet Protocol) carrier, has set its sights on allowing customers to dynamically control the amount of bandwidth they use in real time. Chief architect, Robin Eckermann, said the technology existed for provisioning to be done in real time by the carrier but he was unaware of any Australian comp­anies allowing customers to control it. TransACT was looking to implement the system – which would integrate with the company’s billing transaction database — within the next 12 months.

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