NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Suspicious behavior

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Suspicious behavior

Amber has been acting very suspiciously lately, and I cannot help but wonder what is going on. First the shopping spree and now a mysterious dinner that she got all dressed up for. “It’s just something I have to do, Cringe,” she said. I wonder what she is really up to?

Speaking of unfaithful, a bigwig in the Oracle Development Tools User Group came knockin’ at my door, figuratively speaking of course. In a previous column I pointed out that they use Microsoft’s database instead of Oracle’s.

Mr User Group pointed out that they outsource some of their IT to a non-Oracle shop, which is why they were busted for using Microsoft tools. I’ll concede there is a distinction.

But, guess what … last week I learned that the UK Oracle user group uses SQL Server to run its Web site, as one of my gumshoes discovered when it crashed on him and coughed up a SQL Server error message. Leery

Another spy noticed that an HPQ contact recently signed email with the following signature: Compaq Federal LLC, A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard. “Hmmm, I’ve been leery of the integration of hardware, software, and services between the former rivals,” the spy said. “If they can’t integrate their people, then they can’t integrate their products. Maybe I’ll buy Sun instead,” the spy said.

And this little paragraph went out in another spy’s company when someone in IT discovered that a number of employees had signed up their work PCs to participate in SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and downloaded the software: “During regular business hours, please limit your search for intelligent life to our planet only. Hopefully you can find this amongst some of our customers, suppliers, etc.”

It occurred to me that maybe Amber is getting sick of this old dawg, and I don’t mean Apache the Airedale. I was tossing and turning thinking she might be out with another trade’s hack.

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