Maxspeed ahead

Maxspeed ahead

Maxspeed’s latest product range is set to increase customer acceptance of thin client technology, according to Computer Research & Technology (CRT), a Dubbo-based integrator that distributes the product in Australia.

The Max Term 5300 (CE.Net embedded), 8300 (XP) and 3300 (Linux) offer a big speed bump, through an 800 MHz processor, and 64 MB of compact flash memory, which means the thin client isn’t wedded to the operating system.

That is the “quantum leap”, MD and CTO of CRT, Arthur Hissey, said.

“Who knows in five years’ time what the predominant operating system will be?” he said. “Ninety per cent of our customers now run Windows and some flavour of Linux and SCO as another application.

“What differentiates Maxspeed is the ‘one box, many environments’ strategy. You can chop and change operating systems, and customise by adding applications to the thin client terminal. With other manufacturers, you’re confined to the box and its memory.”

A lot of enterprise, education, health and government customers who considered thin clients two-and-a-half years ago were now revisiting the sector because of ownership cost advantages, Hissey said.

The Maxspeed distribution business is a wholly owned division of CRT.

While CRT acts as the NSW dealer for Maxspeed, Armstrong said the company appointed dealers in each state to avoid cannibalising its channel.

“Over the last few years some vendors and distributors have turned around and bitten their dealers in the bum by going direct,” he said. “We guarantee to our dealers that we don’t do that.”

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