What's new from: Palm, HP, O2, Symbol Technologies, Toshiba

What's new from: Palm, HP, O2, Symbol Technologies, Toshiba


The Palm Zire handheld is an affordable handheld — small, stylish and appealing — featuring classic Palm functionality and an all-new sleek, compact design. With a minimalist look and an optimised, efficient design, the Zire handheld is perfect for the first-time user, young professional or student. The Palm Zire handheld offers a lightweight, easy-to-use solution to help keep track of information that matters most. The device is distributed by BrightPoint and Tech Pacific. RRP: $239.


HP Australia recently announced the arrival of the iPAQ Pocket PC 1900 series to its iPAQ Pocket PC family. The first model in this series to be launched, the HP iPAQ Pocket PC h1910, is one of the thinnest and lightest Pocket PCs on the market. Aimed at first-time handheld users, the iPAQ h1910 features a transflective liquid crystal display, 64Mb RAM, a secure digital (SD) expansion slot for additional storage, a removable slim battery, infrared capability and a synchronisation cable. The h1910 is powered by Windows for Pocket PC 2002 and the 200 MHz Intel(R) X-Scale processor. By buying the HP iPAQ h1910 Pocket PC, customers automatically become a member of CLUBiPAQ — a free online service for Australian iPAQ users, that allows them access to Web-based training, live support and ongoing services to optimise the performance of their iPAQ. A variety of optional accessories will also be available including a USB cradle with an extra battery slot for charging, extra styli, a spare lithium-ion slim battery and auto adapter. The HP iPAQ Pocket PC h1910 is available now through Tech Pacific. RRP: $699 (incl GST).


O2 recently entered the Australian mobile device and applications market with the launch of the O2 xda colour GPRS all-in-one handheld for business professionals and consumers. The O2 xda runs Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition software and combines a colour PDA, GPRS handset, phone, Pocket PC, entertainment device and a personal organiser in one compact unit — it’s the all-in-one device for mobile professionals. The O2 xda uses ‘always on’ GPRS mobile data as well as conventional GSM networks. It offers anywhere/anytime Internet access, web-based email, extensive mobile phone capabilities, personal organiser features and Microsoft Pocket PC tools such as Outlook, Excel, Word, Internet Explorer and Media Player. The O2 xda is compatible with a range of Australian GPRS networks including Telstra, Optus and AAPT. All GPRS tested network operator settings have been pre-configured into the O2 xda auto configuration tool, making it easy for customers to access the Internet. To begin using the Internet via GPRS, users of the O2 xda need to select their network operator from the device’s auto configuration application and check with the service provider to activate GPRS data plans. The O2 xda is available in Australia through Tech Pacific. RRP: $1699.

Symbol Technologies

Symbol Technologies has just launched the PDT 8000 series, a family of rugged compact handheld, mobile computing devices with integrated wireless communications and bar code data capture. Featuring advanced GPRS WWAN communications, these models are ideal for logistics applications throughout the supply chain, especially route accounting and field service automation for instantaneous access to business-critical information. Symbol’s PDT 8000 is part of the broadest and most complete line of Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC-based mobile computing products with integrated bar code scanning and WLAN and WWAN capabilities available today. They also offer dual-mode conn­ectivity incorporating 802.11b WLAN communications allowing a user to seamlessly alternate between LAN and GPRS communications. The devices are distributed in Australia by Warp Systems. RRP: From $5000 (ex GST).

Warp Systems: (03) 9374 4500; (02) 9876 1500


The Palm Tungsten W is the first Palm branded integrated tri-band GSM(TM)/GPRS wireless handheld with a built-in keyboard for easy data entry; one-handed navigation; and a crisp, high-resolution colour screen to customers in Australia. The new data-centric handheld allows users to make and receive calls, access email, send and receive TXT, and access Internet content, all on the one device. The device is also built with one of the fastest radios available today for GSM/GPRS — the most widely supported wireless technology used by hundreds of operators worldwide — and supports the Palm OS platform. The Tungsten W is targeted at high-end business users (road warriors) who require all the personal information management (PIM) functions of a PDA with the added functionality of a phone. The device is distributed by Brightpoint and Tech Pacific. RRP: $1199 and it is also available on a range of Vodafone plans.


With Toshiba’s e740 Pocket PC, users can opt for either a Bluetooth or WiFi (802.11b) model. With embedded 802.11b functionality, the e740 means users can remain connected to the office LAN while moving about the office or on the road, without cables or accessories. They can update spreadsheets in meetings or browse the Internet and send email while at lunch — all wirelessly. Those opting for Bluetooth integration will benefit from the ability to communicate wirelessly with other devices (printers, mobile phones and notebooks) making it easier to synchronise data with the notebook on the run. The e740 is powered by the 400MHz, Intel PAX250 processor, and features 64Mb of SDRAM, 32Mb CMOS Flash ROM and a rechargable lithium ion battery that offers users up to nine hours of continuous use. The Toshiba e740 Pocket PC is distributed by Brightpoint, Dicker Data, Ingram Micro and Tech Pacific. RRP: $1299 (Bluetooth model); $1349 (WiFi model).

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