Dojo 2: What the JavaScript toolkit’s new version offers

Dojo 2: What the JavaScript toolkit’s new version offers

14 years after the first version's debut, the revamped Dojo Version 2 provides a widget system and support for progressive web apps

Dojo 2, the first major rewrite of the open source JavaScript toolkit in more than a decade, is now available.

Version 2 is intended for building modern web apps, leveraging ECMAScript 2015 and later versions, TypeScript, and other standards and best practices. It also focuses on interoperability and support for emerging technologies such as Intersection Observers and Web Animations.

  • A reactive, virtual DOM-based widget system that includes meta providers to preserve reactivity for animations, focus, and resize events.
  • Support for web components and progressive web apps.
  • Application-level routing focused on patterns to build applications from UI widgets.
  • A state container for JavaScript applications, inspired by Redux and Flux architectures.
  • Command-line tools to build optimized applications with automatic code splitting and build-time rendering.
  • A test harness for testing apps and widgets.

The Dojo tookit, which dates to 2004, offers language utilities, UI components, and other pieces for building web applications. The project is under the jurisdiction of the jQuery Foundation.

Where to download Dojo 2

You can install the Dojo command-line tool via NPM: npm install -g @dojo/cli

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