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Intentia Develops eSales on Websphere, its New Strategic Platform

  • 27 May, 2004 12:51

<p>Australia/New Zealand – 27 May 2004. Intentia, the collaborative enterprise software company, has announced version 5 of Movex e-Sales on IBM Websphere, its new strategic platform. For user companies it means lower cost of ownership, reduced integration costs and easy system configuration to meet individual customer needs.</p>
<p>e-Sales is Intentia’s sell-side application for advanced intra- and inter-company collaboration over the internet. And the development on Websphere of version 5, with its highly sophisticated e-sales capabilities, reinforces the company’s commitment to ensure a user company and its customers can exploit the benefits of open standards technology.</p>
<p>The first Intentia system to be developed on Websphere was Movex Workplace business portal which creates a web browser-based work environment for Movex enterprise system users.</p>
<p>Ole Rasmussen is product director at Intentia Research and Development. He said that e-Sales version 5 gives user companies access to the whole Websphere product offering including portals, business integration, and tools and software to build solutions. He added that e-Sales version 5 has been developed using Design Centre, Intentia’s high level e-business tool suit built on top of Websphere. This means the application can be easily configured by a user company to meet its customer needs.</p>
<p>Rasmussen went on to say that from a business perspective, a prime driver for the development was increasing pressure within user company supply chains to optimise system integration, raise the visibility of product availability and delivery times within a just-in-time manufacturing environment, and lower transaction costs.</p>
<p>“There are considerable cost savings to be made around self-service order entry and processing which, depending on the particular industry, is estimated by various analysts to cost between $75 and $175 for each order,” he said. “So, if these orders can be processed automatically through e-Sales, there is the potential to reduce costs by upwards of 50 percent.”</p>
<p>Rasmussen added that Movex e-Sales differentiates a user company from its competitors. It has powerful business logic which makes the application very flexible, and it is linked directly to other components in the enterprise system.</p>
<p>And emphasising the collaborative nature of e-Sales, Rasmussen said: “Movex e-Sales is a bridge between a user company and its customers and its role is to create value for both. e-Sales also helps to build loyalty, and in effect, the customer becomes a seamless part of the user company, self-administering its own needs according to its own requirements.”</p>
<p>Rasmussen went on to explain that Movex e-Sales is highly modular and requires little or no training before use. “In developing Movex e-Sales we recognised that different companies have different process requirements, and key aim was to make s-Sales flexible enough to be personalised and easily integrated with the processes of the user company’s customers.</p>
<p>“Furthermore,” he said, “e-Sales facilitates order collaboration because it bundles together orders being entered simultaneously by more than one person. It also has full track and trace of order status.”</p>
<p>Rasmussen added that user company customers can be segmented by different criteria – for example specific products in specific markets. “Each user company customer sees only those products that are relevant, and can browse availability and delivery dates,” he said. “Other options include grouping together user company customers with similar profiles, those in similar geographic locations, or customising payment methods, country by country.”

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