Canon EOS Kiss Digital

Canon EOS Kiss Digital

Canon EOS Kiss Digital

No sooner had the spotlight of digital camera glory moved to Sony than along came Canon with the EOS Kiss Digital. The camera brings single lens reflex (SLR) into the reach of professional/consumer users. Fitted with an in-house developed 6.3 mega-pixel sensor and an image processor, Canon also promises a more natural colour reproduction. Continuous shooting is supported at 2.5 frames per second for a burst of four shots. There are six alternatives for JPEG image recording and also RAW. In this mode, the camera simultaneously records a JPEG image within the RAW file, allowing for quick transmission or viewing of the image while maintaining the original for later processing or editing. The camera also supports the new PictBridge standard, which allows images to be printed directly from the camera to a priner without a PC.

The camera will be sold worldwide.

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