AT LARGE: Day for tasting crow

AT LARGE: Day for tasting crow

Oracle slammed exposed

Apache is not the only dog eating crow, though. Although Microsoft catches a lot of heat for using rival software within its own walls, it was discovered recently Oracle uses Microsoft’s SQL Server database, among other things. That’s right, and chief Larry Ellison was forced to suck it up and admit this, albeit internally, when Oracle was struck by the SQL Slammer virus. In a memo that I obtained, Ellison wrote that Slammer slowed Oracle’s global network.

“It seems we have a few copies of the Microsoft SQL Server database on our network,” Larry wrote. “We need the SQL Server machines to test the Oracle database and make certain it interoperates properly with the Microsoft database.

However, we do not need to attach the Microsoft machines to our network and will not do so in the future.”

That is not all, though. A spy of mine was using the Oracle Development Tools User Group management facility to change his member-name password. All of a sudden he got an error regarding the Microsoft Jet database engine and some related difficulty. Shocked, he wired the user group administrative listserver and was told that the work was contracted out because retaining an Oracle-based shop for the management of the service would be prohibitively expensive.

Who is right?

On March 3, Business Objects announced a customer win with Herman Miller, maker of the Aeron chair. One of my spies got a call from Herman Miller saying that an unnamed Business Objects competitor asked Herman Miller to pull the release and not to do any more PR with Business Objects. The competitor threatened to pull their office-furniture business away from Herman Miller if the PR continued. And so it seems that Herman Miller relented: the release was not on Business Objects’ site as of the March 7.

Dial for miles

I’m told that AT&T is poised to announce a loyalty system, similar to frequent flyer miles, for its cellular customers. The company, in fact, is now doing market research for a name. We should expect something like “mLife Premier Benefits”.

It’s OK that Apache is not ready to run with me, because I am starting to go farther than I should expect of him anyway. I still cannot keep up with Amber, though.

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