Westan builds systems and services operation

Westan builds systems and services operation

Victorian distributor Westan is further refining its business model with the addition of a new vendor relationship with Fujitsu LifeBooks and an expanded assembly and configuration operation.

Westan's systems and storage divisional manager, Philip Jackson, said there was limited future in merely focusing on the commodity components that had been the heritage and continued success of Westan.

The company's new storage division has been extended and carries the moniker of systems and storage division to incorporate the additional scope.

"I think everybody in component/peripheral distribution recognises that the days of just importing components and selling them are probably numbered," Jackson said. "It will never totally eradicate itself but things are clearly changing.

"To continue growth, like every other distributor, we need to look at ways to add value and increase services revenues. Instead of just selling the components we need to add something to it that is of value to the client and that they will be happy to pay a premium for."

This change became apparent with the opening of Westan's communications division focused on Intel Dialogic products, and continues with the expansion into systems and storage.

Fujitsu's LifeBook agency is Westan's first foray into distributing tier one systems products.

"We are experienced in the role of selling notebooks but we are now focusing further up the market simply because in reality that is where the opportunities are to add value," Jackson said.

"We needed a tier one vendor with some quality product and some concerted marketing support. Fujitsu LifeBooks are manufactured in Japan to exacting standards. The quality is mind-boggling."

With five different models of LifeBooks and a tablet PC in the new range, Westan is targeting a mixture of existing and new Fujitsu resellers. The RRP for the added products range from $2999 at the low end up to $6999 at the top end.

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