Why Sliced Tech is taking a tailored approach to services

Why Sliced Tech is taking a tailored approach to services

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Jason McClure - CEO, Sliced Tech

Jason McClure - CEO, Sliced Tech

With as-a-service infatuation showing no signs of slowing down in 2018, Australian businesses are craving new ways to consume technology.

Step forward Sliced Tech, capitalising on increased adoption through a tailored approach to services.

“Customers are looking to tailor services to their requirements rather than fit into commoditised offerings,” Sliced Tech CEO, Jason McClure, said.

With a rich pedigree in delivering customer outcomes, spanning public, private and hybrid cloud platforms, the managed service provider (MSP) aims to leverage long-standing market expertise in a bid to drive further growth in 2018.

“We’re unique in that we tailor services for our customers efficiently and have a strong track record with many reference customers,” McClure added. “If we didn’t tailor our offerings we wouldn’t be able to differentiate ourselves.”

McClure said Sliced Tech — which was founded in 2011 — goes deep within the business of a customer to understand specific requirements, before aligning offerings capable of meeting end- user requirements.

“For example, whilst we broker Microsoft Office 365, which is a great product, it doesn’t always address every customer requirement,” McClure explained. “Which is why we offer alternative services that are tailored to the specific needs of our customer segment.”

Sliced Tech’s focus comes amidst an onslaught of as-a-service activity across Australia, as businesses pursue new consumption models within IT environments.

“A lot of our customers are seeking to consume desktop as-a-service and their data centre being delivered as-a- service,” McClure added.

But as explained by McClure, customers are moving more towards software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings, rather than consuming only infrastructure-as-a-service (SaaS).

“Customers are looking for support in the transformation but they still want to feel that they have control, as they are going to be held accountable internally by the business,” McClure said. “They are often seeking to adopt point solutions from different providers rather than undertaking single organisation-wide IT contracts.”

During the past seven years, McClure said the business has ensured that the core foundations of the company remain in place, providing a platform to keep evolving through services and customer engagement.

A key indicator of such evolution is through the cloud, with the MSP extending management portal capabilities to public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, enabling customers to orchestrate across different platforms.

“We’ve also been at the forefront of delivering Hadoop-based big data and business intelligence platforms as-a-service to government,” McClure added. “We cannot afford to stop taking on new challenges as it is a pre-requisite for our growth.

“But we are careful to manage the challenges and only take them to market when we are confident that we can deliver them to the standard we want to be held to.”

When selling to government, McClure said MSPs have “a lot more” process to follow, with sales cycles becoming more formalised as a result.

“We often have more flexibility and agility in our sales processes with commercial customers but that can also lead to commercial customers not being as sure on what they are getting when they start out,” he added.

“Commercial sales tend to be more business outcomes focused whilst government sales tend to be more requirements focused. This is appropriate as government customers tend to have higher compliance hurdles to ensure they meet.”

In looking ahead, McClure said Sliced Tech will focus on continuing the growth of direct and indirect business through Australian Government customers, alongside embarking on a nationwide expansion through Queensland and New South Wales (NSW).

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