What’s new in the ASP.Net Core 2.1 web framework

What’s new in the ASP.Net Core 2.1 web framework

Functional tests for MVC apps gets attention through a new Nuget package in the first beta

Microsoft’s beta of ASP.Net Core 2.1 focuses on functional testing of MVC applications, creating a package for in-memory testing. ASP.Net Core is Microsoft’s cross-platform open source web framework that works with .Net Core, an open source subset of the .Net Framework.

Included in ASP.Net Core 2.1 is a Nuget package called AspNetCore.Mvc.Testing. With it, developers should be able to more reliably test MVC applications. The package copies the .deps file from a project into a test assembly bin folder and enables static views and files to be found. The WebApplicationTestFixture<TStartup> capability is provided to bootstrap an app on TestServer.

New features in ASP.Net Core 2.1

Due for a mid-2018 production release, ASP.Net Core 2.1 will provide:

  • Improvements to Razor Pages, which provide a page-based model for building a web UI. The Version 2.1 release will add support for areas, for partitioning large MVC apps into smaller groupings. Each group has its own controllers and views. Also, Razor Pages will fall back to finding assets such as layouts in /[pages root]/Shared before reverting back to /Views/Shared.
  • The ASP.Net SignalR library will be ported to ASP.Net Core for real-time web support.
  • A subset of ASP.Net Webhooks, providing a lightweight pattern for web event notification, will be ported to ASP.Net Core, integrating with ASP.Net Core idioms. Receivers such as Slack and BitBucket will be ported as well.
  • For security, HTTPS will be on by default. Also, HTTPS redirection will direct HTTP traffic to HTTPS, via middleware that redirects based on configuration or bound server ports.
  • Virtual authentication schemes should make it easier to mix authentication schemes and compose different authentication verbs across handlers.
  • A default identity UI implementation is provided as a library, to help add identity to an application.
  • The Kestrel HTTP server will be supported by a new transport based on socket types in .Net, in addition to the default libuv transport. The new socket transport could perform better than libuv.
  • The Httpclientfactory type will be available to configure and consume instances of HttpClient in an application.
  • Project templates will feature extension points to meet the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Where to download ASP.Net Core

You can download the beta .Net Core SDK for 2.1.0, which includes ASP.Net Core 2.1-preview1.

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