Staff yearn for pre-tech times

Staff yearn for pre-tech times

A survey of 1000 Australian office workers found staff yearn for the days before mobile phones, e-mail and text messaging.

More than 54 percent of respondents said their working day has become longer as a result of technology.

Undertaken by recruitment agency Talent2, respondents said technology has made them more accessible to bosses with 21 percent claiming supervisors text, e-mail or phone them out of office hours to discuss business.

But 76 percent said they did not consider those out-of-hours calls, texts or e-mails from the boss as out of order; rather a normal part of working life. Only 8 percent said they resented the intrusion.

However, the overwhelming belief is that technology has increased stress with nearly 40 percent admitting technological advancement had detracted from their personal lives.

Respondents said they would rather go back to a slower-paced time where workers could not be contacted after hours.

Australians have developed a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week mentality, Talent2's Jonathon Morse said.

"As a result they are putting in 40 to 50 hours a week, surrendering their leisure time, because of technology such as the mobile phone and e-mail," he said.

This is particularly true for those that work in the IT sector, where there is a high rate of workplace burn-out.

"There is a tangible downside to overwork from on-the-job injuries to sickies, to demotivation and mental health problems," he said.

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