IT security jobs see greatest salary growth

IT security jobs see greatest salary growth

Rise in wages follows the demand growth for IT professionals

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From 2011 to 2016, the average wage for an IT security specialist grew by 33 per cent, from $84,864 to $112,996. 

This surge represents a significant increase when compared to the growth from 2006 to 2011, when the average IT security specialist wage went up by 8.65 per cent, from $78,104 to $84,864.

It also outstrips the growth seen by some of the other top-earning IT fields, including CIOs and IT managers, along with project leads.

Broadly speaking, however, the average IT professional's income has risen significantly over the past five years when compared to the previous period from 2006-2011.

The growth is outlined in new data from the 2016 Census, which was analysed by the Information Technology Professionals Association (ITPA).

The wage increase has come as the industry requires more IT security professionals. Data from the Census 2016 revealed a 50 per cent growth in IT security specialist roles from 2011-16. IT managers' roles grew by 109 per cent and IT project managers' roles showed a 94 per cent increase.

Following the demand trend was the average wages with IT managers' average wages up by 30 per cent to $120,900 and IT project managers' up by 30 per cent to $121,576, while CIO wages grew at a slightly slower rate of 22 per cent to $120,328.

Data provided by the Information Technology Professionals Association
Data provided by the Information Technology Professionals Association

A slower growth on average entry level categories was also noted. IT customer support professionals' average wage was up by 14 per cent to $73,320, web developers' salaries were up 18 per cent to $77,584 and IT support engineers' was up 17 per cent to $86,112.

Broader income data drawn from consecutive Census surveys showed that where the national average across all income types has risen by 16 per cent in five years, to $78,832, the average income for all IT categories has risen by 19.6 per cent, to $101,272, according to ITPA.

“It’s a good time to be an IT professional based on how the rest of the economy is performing,” ITPA president, Robert Hudson, said.

“Employment and income statistics are key economic indicators on the health of an industry and the positive numbers emerging about our industry from this latest Census data should really be ringing some bells in the halls of government."

Hudson said that the IT industry deserves higher priority so it can continue to prosper.

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