Asterisk not asterix

Asterisk not asterix

Last week Tabloid published an article about the use of an asterisk in IBM consumer advertising advising consumers to "buy direct from IBM . . . or to find your nearest reseller*"Not wanting to get into any legal trouble, we deliberately misspelt the word asterisk in the headline (we didn't really, but that is the best excuse we can come up with).

One sharp-eyed reader of Tabloid boared us (deliberate misspelling/pun -- those who empathise with the following will understand) by alerting us to our references to a cartoon character from "a small Gaulish village".

Our correspondent with a menhir on his shoulder writes:

I think it takes a lot of Gaul to spell this word incorrectly.

Assuming you were referring to the character (*) in your Tabloid article, August 29 issue, maybe you should axe your editor (Whoa there. I'm innocent. I was on holidays, Ed.) when you're using words of more than just a few letters.

It's ‘asterisk'. Attached is a picture of an asterix. Regards,Major General Mike Nielsen, 5th Australian Army Against Spelling Errors.Thanks for pointing it out, sir. Just don't set Obelix, Cacophonix (the bard), Geriatrix, obstetrix, gettafix or vitalstatistix onto us.

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