Sony unveils two new PDAs

Sony unveils two new PDAs

Two new PDAs (personal digital assistants) from Sony have begun appearing on the company's shopping Web sites in Asia ahead of an official announcement of the products.

The latest members of the Clie line-up, the PEG-SJ20 and PEG-SJ30, are similar in both look and specifications to the low-cost PEG-SL10 that Sony announced for some markets in late July, according to details on the SonyStyle Web sites for Australia and Hong Kong. SonyStyle Web sites in other regions, including those for Japan, Europe and the US, are yet to show details of the products.

Between the SL10 and SJ20, the biggest difference is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack in place of disposable batteries in the SL-10. The battery provides enough power for 15 days of use on a full charge assuming about 30 minutes of use per day, Sony said, and the device uses a similar 320x320-pixel resolution monochrome display.

The SJ30 is differentiated by a display that can show 65,536 colours and makes it slightly heavier than the SJ20, although users probably won't be able to tell the difference. A more noticeable difference comes in battery life. The rechargeable pack can support the PDA for 12 days, a shorter time than the SJ20, due mainly to the more power-hungry colour display.

Both PDAs are based on a 33MHz version of the DragonBall processor, have 16MB of built-in main memory, run version 4.1 of the Palm operating system, have a MemoryStick slot and include mini USB (Universal Serial Bus) and Enhanced IrDA infrared interfaces.

The PDAs both measure 72x104x17mm. The SJ20 weighs 128 grams and the SJ30 weighs 139 grams, both including the stylus.

Sony is quoting a price of $A549 and $749 for the SJ20 and SJ30, respectively, in Australia.

In addition to the new PDAs, the company has also unveiled a few details of a new game controller for some of its latest PDAs.

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