HP details new print services

HP details new print services

The services and printing divisions of HP are teaming up to offer companies on-demand printing and digital publishing services that are designed to help reduce costs and improve document management.

HP will offer three main services to companies: secure transfer of documents, printing from multiple locations, and digital publishing, vice-president and general manager for imaging and printing services, Steve Culhane, said.

The first service, called business critical services, would help companies ensure that crucial documents were securely transferred around their organisations to a variety of devices, including printers, scanners, and other hardware, he said. HP would also help companies integrate their legacy document-management applications with the newer products they have purchased.

Infrastructure services would focus on helping improve worker productivity through the ability to print documents from locations other than the desktop, among other things, Culhane said.

Finally, the digital publishing services would allow companies to print documents such as marketing brochures as they were requested by their customers, rather than having to estimate demand and wind up with a closet full of unused marketing materials, he said.

Companies would also be able to personalise marketing documents for particular customers.

HP had the ability to offer these services immediately, Culhane said. The printing and imaging group had been working closely with HP services to deliver these capabilities.

"We've been doing this for a while, informally. Usually we can get a 20 per cent reduction in costs, something that fits perfectly in the current environment," a senior vice-president of the imaging and printing group, Bernard Meric, said.

The company had increased the number of employees focused on printing services in recent months, Culhane said.

HP would use some of its current products in rolling out these services to customers, he said.

The company would use its HP output server software that helped route documents through an enterprise, and the HP managed print portal that allowed IT managers to track and monitor printer use.

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