HP to launch printing consultancy

HP to launch printing consultancy

Hewlett-Packard (HP) plans to launch a printing consultancy business to help companies cut costs.

The company would launch a consultancy organisation that would help businesses to find a balance between encouraging employee creativity and reducing printing costs - a balance that every IT manager was trying to manage, the chief technology officer of HP's imaging and printer group, Frank Cloutier, said.

Speaking at the ICT World Forum, Cloutier said: "This is an organisation that will focus on the customer, and the customer's objectives and needs. If someone else's hardware plays better for the customer, we'll not only encourage but specify its use."

HP would give full details of the new business at the CeBIT technology trade show this week, Cloutier said.

Printed materials for customers could cost between 6 per cent and 15 per cent of a company's revenue, he said. With careful management that cost could be halved.

HP's imaging and printing group hadannual revenue of $US22 billion, Cloutier said. Sixty per cent of its revenue was from outside the Americas. While Cloutier did not expect to see very high growth over the next few years, he was still confident of double-figure growth.

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